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Knowing my role and be responsible for it

I just came back from Easter retreat today and would like to share one of the things that I have learnt from it. 
In this 3 days camp, I have learnt, i guess, one of the most valuable lesson as Jesus' followers, that is to know my role and BE RESPONSIBLE about it. I was assigned to be one of the leaders for the group of 6 in the camp. I was a bit disappointed when I know that I was chosen (haha, cos being a leader was not a nice role, that was what I thought initially). one of the reasons was because I was "tired" of being a leader. I was exhausted of my ministries, I was constantly in pain and not in joy when I served. This happens for the past 2 or 3 weeks by the way, but I think it was already building up since a long time ago. Another reason was because on my previous camp, I was also one of the leaders in the group and I kinda failed in that camp. I was unable to unite my team members and I was so disappointed. Consequently, I am not really looking forward to this ro…