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God is my shield and my great reward - 2013 theme

Another month and 2013 is just going to be memory for all of usFor me this year has been very tough, of course like every other year there are ups and downs but this year is tough in its own wayI choose the theme of this year as
God is my shield and great reward as i can see how God sustains me throughout the whole year and though a lot of things havent changed i could proudly say that He is indeed my great rewardBSF just ended today and i am so thankful that i actually made it there for the last sharing day. I have been blessed by every single sharing and it is just comforting to see that i am not struggling on my own. It is unbelievable to see that God chose me to be involved in BSF, part of His amazing plan and purpose. Looking back,I have no regrets joining this leadership group though i have broke down so many times this year.This year is the first time for me to :
have my own house - paying my own mortgage
Have my own oikos
lead discussion group in BSFIt is challenging for me …

From the world not of the world

I really like this summary about the people in Genesis that i got from BSF Teaching LeaderShe said God's people are to be separated from people of the world. They are in the world but do not look like the world
Some examples :
Abel - He gave the best portion to the Lord
Noah - He went against the odds
Rebekah - She was willing to go when called to be Isaac's wife
Leah - Didnt obtained Isaac's love yet praised the Lord
Abraham - He was generous to people around him
Jacob - with faults but still continue learning and repenting
Isaac - He was faithful and obedient to be sacrificedDo people describe you as of the world ?

Glory to God
Orange girl ;)