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In awe of God - another promotion

I dont know how i should start to describe my admiration at God's goodness in my life. Guess what, i have got another promotion at work. WohooIt was amazing because I never asked for it nor expected it or even imagine about it. The offer just came out of the blue.About 2 weeks ago my best friend's niece was very sick and she had to be hospitalised in the hospital i am working. I went to visit her during my breaks and after work for a few times. She was so young, only over 1 year old yet shes got a disease that has no cure. She may recover as she grows older but no one knows whats gonna happen. I feel so terrible and i almost cried. Even me whos an outsider feels this sad, what about her parents? I feel even worse about the fact that i couldnt do anything to help her. Suddenly i felt so regretful that i didnt study medicine or nursing. Anyway... its too late , that was what i was thinking.
All i can do was praying for herThe next day, my manager suddenly came up to me and asked…

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I found this article as i read thru the brief sharing from Elevation church android app. I really like it so i thought i wanna share it here. ;)

Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowOriginal post by Elevation media team.
There’s a lot of different strategies that the enemy uses to get us off track in our walk with God. But I think one of the enemy’s greatest tactics is a sequence I call, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.Here’s how it works. The enemy gets you to think about your past, present, and future in these three ways:
Yesterday – Remember when.
Today – Live for now.
Tomorrow – Do it later.The enemy wants to keep us stuck in yesterday. And so the way the he talks to us is by saying, “remember when.” In other words, the enemy comes to you and tries to get you stuck in yesterday’s memories. Dependent on yesterday’s successes. Reminded of yesterday’s failures.Or the enemy will get you stuck in today. He’ll tell you: “live for now.” It’s all about present pleasure and satisfaction. Like Esau…