Life after moving city

After I moved from Melbourne, many adversities have had happened. Exactly 2 weeks after I moved, one morning I received a phone call from my existing housemate telling me that the new housemate who lived in my room has caused some problems. A guy came into the house early in the morning and had a huge fight with her and a few of her friends that she brought home to stay over. After that, I just heard one complain after another and have had so many griefs just trying to get her vacate my house, unfortunately there was nothing I can do to vacate her but just to wait till the lease ends and thankfully she has left my house now yet there are so many damage that she caused. I thought she is a good Christian girl but she was totally far from that. Also, another tenant decide not to move in so the rent I receive was a lot less than what I thought I would get.

Additionally, i had appendicitis 3 weeks after i started my job. I couldnt get any sick leave because I have to work 3 mths before I c…

Moving city

The most hectic time of my life i would say was August 2016. I had never been so stress and so under pressure. I trully experience being stretched and walking by faith. But on top of that God hands are all over the place.
So from the beginning of the relationship we already planned that by end of 2016 im going to move to Sydney if it is God's will. It wasnt an unfamiliar situation for me because before meeting him ive heard God telling me to move several times but i just didnt know where and why. We chose end of the year because I need to commit to BSF and i had to be bridesmaid for a friend on Oct. During the performance review around May , my manager told me that the best time to apply job is around mid year and not wait till end of year because people dont normally hire during that time. I didnt really give much thought about it because i thought it was too early and my plan was to apply around end of August and September.
Then around end of June my colleague kinda told me th…

an update of my life : relationship and God

It's rainy day today and stormy outside and that's exactly abit like how I feel like now, which I will elaborate abit later.
I havent been updating my blog , my bad.. so much has been happening for the past 6 months and I have been busy with ministry and other stuff too. Currently what's occupying most of my time is my new relationship, BSF ministry and church as sunday school teacher. so lets start with my BSF ministry... Last year I was in Young Adults Class and was already prepared to lead a group this year, unfortunately God has another plan when the teaching leaders had to step down and the meeting is moved to Friday nights, which means it clashes with my cell group. As a result, I thought that I wont be leading the group this year, but just be a member. However, God has another plan. Not long after that I got contacted by the admin leader from the Women's Class, she challenged me to consider group leader position at the Women's class and so yea.. i am finally…

God cares even your unspoken wish

A little while ago i was very much burdened financially. It wasnt bad but for some reasons i havent been able to save because spending is so much more than savings. There have been multiple occasions of miscellaneous expenses. One of my concerns was the increasing parking price in the city. I have to go to city few times a week mainly due to ministry and church. It is not a huge amount but it still adds up.
On one occasion as I was contacting my BSF members , one of the ladies told me that there is free parking very close to the church after 6.30pm. This means that I can save some expenses from now on. Really praise God for His provision ! I havent really prayed and asked for way out but from this i know God knows every details of my life and He cares even to the smallest details. I am very amazed at how much He cares.. it wasnt the amount that thrills me but the fact that He cares even to the minute stuff is what really blesses me. Whatever you need right now, know that Jesus is all…

God moment

This week has been a big week for me. Many things happened and the things that I thought will happen this year has changed direction somehow. Regardless, I am excited in many waysThe highlight of this week is I experience God moment. What do I mean by that? Haha stay tuned.
As I have been starting to change my prayer style to listening to God's voice, I feel that I have received so much words from God yet I couldnt help but wonder are they really from God or just my own feeling?
Nevertheless I wrote all on  my journal daily.
This week theres something significant in my life that happened that somehow was related to the Word I receive last year but I was indecisive and not sure to believe it or not.  Until these 2 incidents happenFirst one : I overslept and slept through my alarm on Tuesday. I have been having interrupted sleep for a while now and one of the nights was on that day. I normally wake up around 610am. I feel like someone is telling me that it is already 6.26am. I was …

First time teaching kids at church

About a week ago , the leader of the kids ministry at church contacted me and asked me if I could help teaching the younger kids (age 3 to 7) the coming sunday. I agreed to it because there was lack of teachers as this is holiday season even tho when I decided to join kids ministry I only sign up to teach older kids. The reason is because I know I am not good with kids. I dont have the skill and patient so maybe I think to myself, I can relate more to the older kids. So today I was supposed to be the assistant to the main teacher (this is only my second time teaching in kids ministry) . I was only in charge of choosing some songs and doing some dance. However, early in the morning the main teacher told me that she is sick. So i ended up having to take care of the class with an emergency teacher which is my pastor's wife. All the materials have been provided, like the crafts and videos , but still it's pretty much impromptu.The day before, ive already done some practice on the …

His restoration - He provision and protection

I flew to Bangkok 10 days ago for short trip holiday before going back to my hometown and then Jakarta to attend my bestfriend's wedding. During my visit in Bangkok, my make up bag was stolen. My bag was cut wide open without my knowledge and I only realised it when I reached my hotel. At that time I didnt know that I lost my makeup bag because I was so happy to see that I didnt lose my wallet and my mobilephone. I was praising God and all that night. Then next day I realise that I lost my makeup bag, to be honest i felt abit disappointed and felt abit "stupid" for thanking God (i know im bad ... -_- ). The reason for being upset was because my bestie just gave me a lipbalm and oil blotting paper from Japan 2 days before i lost it, and a Swarovski pen i got from my sister, and a few other stuff in there.thou wallet and phone sound more important, for me the makeup bag carries special meaning ( including the bag itself cos it was handmade).
Anyway thou i felt abit disappo…