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God's calling 2015

This year i have stopped being a cell group leader as well as BSF group leader, ah yes and worship leader too. I am not sure if it is the right decision but i went ahead anyway because i know i dont have peace if i continue. I was in the cross road and dont really know what to do but took the step of faith and stop everything because i believe if God really wants me back He is able to make it happens. Since i have stopped everything (i am still singer and translator) , i start to wonder, what is it that God want me to do this year? The answer didnt come straight away. As i shared bfore the theme for me this year was God increase and I decrease but the details of job desc for me wasnt revealed until recently.Firstly, my cell group leader was MIA (missing in action) so indirectly as core team member with another member we both tried our best to keep it going. When theres new member at church we tried to reach out to them and brought them to our cell group. It was kinda 'agressive…