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God has ordained our path, even before we prayed about it

It's been a while since i last posted. Been caught up with wedding planning and some other things. Yes you guessed it! Im getting marrieddddd !!! So excited and blessed especially after all the drama that i have been through in my life. Thank God for giving me the chance to meet a wonderful guy and go through this season of life.When i first started going out with him, i did mentioned to him that my desire is that we can serve God in one ministry together one day. And we prayed about it, but probably not all the time, just a couple of times and sincerely asking God to show us the path. That was when i first moved to Sydney and finally able to be in the same church as him.
But yet we still havent served in the same ministry as God calls me to serve as stage manager and him in logistics and camera. Though we are not serving in the same area we are both quite happy with the arrangement.Until about 3 months ago, we were both called into BSF leadership at the same time. Of course for …

Life after moving city

After I moved from Melbourne, many adversities have had happened. Exactly 2 weeks after I moved, one morning I received a phone call from my existing housemate telling me that the new housemate who lived in my room has caused some problems. A guy came into the house early in the morning and had a huge fight with her and a few of her friends that she brought home to stay over. After that, I just heard one complain after another and have had so many griefs just trying to get her vacate my house, unfortunately there was nothing I can do to vacate her but just to wait till the lease ends and thankfully she has left my house now yet there are so many damage that she caused. I thought she is a good Christian girl but she was totally far from that. Also, another tenant decide not to move in so the rent I receive was a lot less than what I thought I would get.

Additionally, i had appendicitis 3 weeks after i started my job. I couldnt get any sick leave because I have to work 3 mths before I c…