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Now is good

Past few months have been draining months, well.. I guess I have been saying this a lot for the whole year because indeed this year has been huge year for me... Moving job, getting PR, buying house, become cell group leader and bible group leader. Major things all happened in a year! Inevitably, not only my mental is affected, my spiritual life is affected in a negative way as well especially this past few months.

Dont know since when my passion for God, church, and ministry is downgrading. I started to be scared of so many things in life such as will I be able to pay the mortgage, will I ever have saying to go  for holiday, how do I juggle between ministry and moving to stay in suburb, how do I move house,should I use this or that insurance, how do I buy a car,  bla bla bla.. and one of my silly worries also includes will I ever meet a guy in my life cos I heard people saying that wow.. sheila is so strong, she manages to do everything herself, and it just scares the hell out of a gu…