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Life's calling

There maybe so many things that I can continue from last post, but I would like to halt that and continue with today's topic. Life's calling.

If you ever wonder why I suddenly want to discuss about this topic, hmm.. the reason is ... that is what I have been thinking about for the past 1 year (if I remember correctly).
I have always thought, how nice it is if I can know my life calling is, so I do not have to wonder around doing something that is none of my business.
Life's calling is the same as the purpose of your life. For example, a microphone is created to amplify sound. If the microphone does not produce any sound, it does not function properly. Thus, the microphone becomes useless. Same as human, we are all created for a purpose. Some people they know their purpose right at the very beginning stage of their life. I have a friend whose talent was shown in music when she was 3. Right away,her parents have been guiding her to pursue further study in music. I always env…

The things that satan tries to snatch away from me

This time I would like to share few things that the satan tries to snatch away from me for the past few weeks.

1. Joy
I guess this is something that the satan will always do in my life. There has been ongoing war inside me lately, one of the most frequent thoughts that bothers me is am I hearing this from myself, from the satan or from God? Sometimes I do not even know anymore whether what I am doing is what God wants me to do or not. For example: in my mind I was thinking, hmm... since I share a room with my sister, sometimes it can be very inconvenient especially when I want to have my quiet time. Maybe I should pray that God will give me own room. 
Straight after that , I heard again : well, you are just giving excuse to get a new room, if you really want to spend time with God, you can always do that early in the morning, like waking up earlier than usual. 
See.. i am confused. Is that the Holy Spirit who is confronting me? or is it my own justification? or is it Satan's condemnat…