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He holds my future

Thank you Father!! Thank you my everlasting Father, prince of peace, Almighty God!! Thank you that You have always fulfilled Your promises

Let me tell you how God has guided me all this way for the past 4 years
I started my foundation studies in Trinity College without knowing which major I wanted to study in. All I know is : I love Science and Maths. Half way through my studies there, I decided that I wanna take architecture, so I took 4 major subjects : Psychology, math1, math 2 and environment. However, towards the end of my studies, I changed my mind. I dont think that I really like architecture, but then if I wanna go into Melbourne University, I have to take science subjects : Physics, chemistry or biology, and I have none. Thus, I need to move to other University even though I had enough entry score to Melbourne Uni.

So I went to RMIT University and study engineering becos I cant take science major too and I thought engineering will be the closest major to science. I get to stu…

A farewell

Farewell ... It is something that I do not think anyone will like to think about. Neither do I. Yet in this life, people come and go whether we like it or not.
This week, I have to wish the very best for my brother in Christ, Andi, as he is going back for good. His presence in my life has meant so much even  though I do not realize it in the first place. 
Let me introduce you who Andi is (according to my version) : 1. He is a cell group leader that is always very humble and never be proud of himself even though he leads a cell group. 2. He is someone who is always to the point. He can randomly asks people if they have spent personal time with God or not.  3. He is a person who is always willing to help other people. If you need his help and he will always say yes. 4. He is a person who is very talkactive and this is something that makes him unique. 5. He is a person who never complains about his own problems. He always hold on to the value that he believes in. 6. He cares for others and he ne…

God is good all the time =)

wohoooo!! I cant stop praising our BIG God. He is always good. He knows what His children need even when His children do not ask anything from Him. I just experienced His goodness today as I was going to work. However, before I share about His goodness, I shall share to you all about my current problem.

Since I finished my university (not sure yet if I can graduate or not), I have been working full time in Dandenong. It takes me not less that 3.5 hours to go back and forth. I have to go out from my apartment the latest at 7.08 am because my train leaves at 7.12 am. I usually reach Dandenong station at 8.08 am and have to wait for the bus. It takes around 10 minutes or so to wait for the bus and the journey itself to Monterey Road is approximately 15 minutes, depends on traffic. After that, I need to walk from the bus stop to my office for about 15 to 20 minutes. It has been a pain on the ass for this travel. I havent been complaining about it because I have no other choice other than …