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Farewell with Tina

Another goodbye..another cry... another till we meet again. Tina is such a great woman of God. She is one of the few girls that i admire in my life. It is also through Tina that i actually feel God's love for me. I met Tina about 5 years ago when I first went to my church. I still remember vividly where and how i met her. It was on a combined oikos and she was sitting next to me. I havent even known her yet but she was already friendly with me. And up till today i never see her mad or angry with anyone and that is a character that i really want to be able to have. Since then whenever i went to oikos, i will always talk to her and we became good friends.She is such an inspiration to me. She never gossips, never talk bad about people, always so positive towards everyone she meets. She is never judgemental nor sensitive. She will put others need above herself. She will do her best not to make others feel burden. She loves her family and church so much. She is genuine and hardworking.…

Promotion just like Joseph

Do you know what Joseph's story is like? If not, go and read Gen 39 to 45 haha. I will summarise it for you thoughJoseph was born as the favorite child of Jacob because he was Rachel's son and Rachel is Jacob's favorite wife. Joseph was spoiled since he was young, he was given a very nice and exclusive robe by his father which his brothers didnt get. From there, his brothers started to get jealous of him.
The peak was when he told them about the dreams that he got, that he was going to be the leader of the family and his brothers will bow down to him. Of course whoever heard it will be unhappy to know that, moreover this is his brothers who were jealous of him. So his brothers plot to kill him. But thanks to Reuben and Judah, he was spared and instead he was sold to Egyptian as slave. Not a very nice ending but he was alive. He was sold into Potiphar's household. GOD was always with him in whatever he did so he prospered, and Potiphar saw that. So he put Joseph in cha…