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Fear not!

Lately so many things occupied my mind and I have lots of worries, unending ridiculous worries. Spiritual life is going downhill up to the point that I do not pray, or read the word anymore. Worse than that, i lost the appetite for God, im losing my faith. Deep down in my heart.. i wanna have that kind of feeling when im in awe of Him.. yet i do not know where to start.. at times, i fell.. i feel that i fell to deep that i feel so guilty and far away from God. This.. has made me even more uncertain about my faith.Even as today im writing this blog, i know im still not fully into God, not fully love Him as before, and even though im trying.. i know im still falling short .I know God loves me and that makes me even more crushed cos im losing my faith.Today, im encouraged by chapter 92 Psalm. Somehow God's promises give me hope again. Though im still not sure how to get back, but anyway.. please support me in prayer.
Psalm 91 (The Message)You who sit down in the High God's presenc…