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I left my purse somewhere today. Only realized after i hopped onto train. No turning back. All my nerves are screaming for me to go back and check,to find reasons to come late to work, find reasons to even call in sick and so on. The only thing that hindered me from doing that was it is hard to get doctor's sad... I wish i could say that im doing it bcos i dont wanna lie and i trust in God. But honestly that was my first response.I started to panick. My credit card, atm card, gift card, superannuation card, driving license, and few hundreds dollars are in can i be calm? But one thing i rmmbr was that i know is with me. Even if the worst has to happen i know im still in goodhand. That calmed me a lot. I started to be able to control my feeling. I realised that instd of devising my own plan  i should go to God, kneel down and pray for help. It was abit too late to realise but anw i just did the right thing. I asked God to send His angels to protect my pur…

Grateful (part 1)

Taking things for granted has been one of my greatest sins. It is so easy for me to complain, be jealous, envy and never satisfy. When i realise that this has been so rooted in me, it grieves me and i was put into shame.One of the things that i take for granted is my family. I rarely thank God for the family that i have, not realising that they are the best family that i can ever dream ofI have the best dad in the world
Literally... I could not ask for more. I have shared about my dad previously.
This dad of mine, he is the most sacrificial dad i have ever known. He never complains about having 3 kids that always want this and that. He is my superhero, i cant count how many times i crashed into someone's else car while i was driving in indo, and when i had to deal with them, my dad is just as far as a phone car. No matter where he is he will fly all the way to the accident location and saved me. When he reached there, the first thing he did was stand by my side and protect me tho…