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In God's timing

I like being efficient and do things fast. I dont like to waste time and what i dislike the most is waiting, whether it is as small as  waiting for someone when I pick them up, or waiting for things to happen for eg in my case right now that is meeting my future partner. You can see from my life , as soon as I finish year 2 uni, i straight away looked for internship, and i hopped from one work to another very fast. I talk fast, eat fast, even walk fast. And with today's world, it makes things worse. 
I copied this from one of the websites i stumbled across as i prepared this sharing: Some of us have very busy lives and feel as though we are always in a hurry. Others may have had to slow down for reasons outside their control and may feel some resentment, or at least a slight sadness, at not being able to do as much or do it as fast as was possible in the past. One of the reasons we find it difficult to slow down is that we have not become convinced of the need for things to occur “in…

Valentine's 2015

Ohhh... how i wish i could share with you about my love story  on this Valentine's day.. haha if thats what you are looking for then.. too bad .. this post isnt about that.Today wasnt a good day for me. Since the morning ive been quite embarassed. Why? Firstly i dropped my speaker phone dust protected underneath Swarovski's store display stand. The store assistant actually had to lay down on the floor, take out all the boxes in the drawer and took it out. I felt so bad and then 10 minutes after that, the strap of my heels broke, so i had to drag one of my legs and walk to the nearest shoes store to buy a pair of new heels!
What a day huh!
Thats not the whole story yetSo today i was planning to go somewhere after my dinner at best friend's house. On my way to this friend's house i didnt notice the protruding nature strip and my car hit the nature strip quite badly that the rim came out. At that time i didnt know my tire was affected too. However i could feel that somet…

Europe Visa : everything happens for the good

I have been stressing about my trip to Europe this year since November last year. Several reasons include my passport expiring in July and i need to have at least 3 months before it expires when i am in Europe. At the same time I checked Indonesian Embassy that the earliest i can apply extension is 6 months before expiry which is in January. To complicate things further, visa application may take up to 10 weeks which if i apply in February im afraid that i wont have enough time to get my passport back before i fly to Indonesia.
And... another major thing is i can either apply my Schegen visa from Dutch embassy or Germany embassy depending on my itinerary. But if i go with Germany, my other family members in Indonesia have to fly to another city for the application. However if I apply from Dutch embassy i need to go to Sydney to apply. This all really gave me headache from November 2014. I have tried to find so many alternatives and finally this is what happened I called Indonesian emb…