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an update of my life : relationship and God

It's rainy day today and stormy outside and that's exactly abit like how I feel like now, which I will elaborate abit later.
I havent been updating my blog , my bad.. so much has been happening for the past 6 months and I have been busy with ministry and other stuff too. Currently what's occupying most of my time is my new relationship, BSF ministry and church as sunday school teacher. so lets start with my BSF ministry... Last year I was in Young Adults Class and was already prepared to lead a group this year, unfortunately God has another plan when the teaching leaders had to step down and the meeting is moved to Friday nights, which means it clashes with my cell group. As a result, I thought that I wont be leading the group this year, but just be a member. However, God has another plan. Not long after that I got contacted by the admin leader from the Women's Class, she challenged me to consider group leader position at the Women's class and so yea.. i am finally…