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Three fold relationship - God, me and him

Have you ever thought of what kind of relationship that you would like to have in your life?
Is it the one full of sunshines or rainbow? Always romantic, adrenalin pumped, or maybe a unique one?
Well as you all know, i have been single for 5 years before i recently in a relationship.
In that 5 years my perspective about relationship changed a lot from time to time. I used to never think about what type of relationship i wanted, what matters were the type of the guy i wanted for eg : good looking, gentleman, charismatic, funny etc. Slowly God changes the way i think. Obviously there are still some standards that havent changed for eg : 170cm tall, not bald and not have big tummy. Lol. I know.. feel free to judge me. But thats not the most important. Overtime my standards have changed even my prayers have changed. I used to pray for all the qualities that i could think of but slowly God inspired me to pray for his safety, his faith, his challenges , etc. Thats what i call bold prayers …

A new chapter of my life - as God has allowed and willed

What i am going to share in this post is going to be something personal and very precious to me. I guess it is also something that is vulnerable to me. Maybe you can guess it.. yes it is relationship.
Why is it vulnerable to me?
Firstly it is because being in a relationship is always my biggest weakness with my walk with God. So often my relationship with human overrides my relationship with God. I am constantly aware that i failed so many times to put God first and thus it has been quite a journey for me in this area. My previously relationship was about 5 yrs ago (i think.. i cant remember. Its been too long). And the past 5 yrs that i experienced  as you all read from my blog were not easy to go through..obviously it started out to be very difficult as it took quite sometime before i moved on from my last relationship. However, as I journeyed with God,I realise God really shapes me and helps me to be contented in every situations; especially being single. To actually come to that…