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He is for you and not against you

If you notice the amount of entries i posted this year, i can conclude that this year is the least. The reason is simple, i  just have been far from God. I know he is near to me but i withdraw myself. I started to read His words lesser and lesser, i hardly prayed, hardly talk about Him and soon enough He is not a priority of my life anymore. I would admit that most of the times my ministries become a show. I still all of them but my heart was long gone. I guess some part of my heart still want to fix the problem of backsliding that i have, some just cant let others see that i have changed and not as close to God anymore, some just habit, whatever the reason is, it is just not right anymore.
It is embarassing to admit it. The turning point is that when i realise the joy i have with the Lord is gone and i want it back. Nowadays i never satisfied with anything. And i realise i have been loving in worldly ways and that causes it. That is when i know i need to return to the Lord. If you r…