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Lead a healthy and happy life

I know it sounds so 'old', be healthy and u'll be happy, but I trust it. and guess what, I am health concious more than ever, not because I want to look pretty or I want to look good but simply I want to take care of this body of mine, that is the temple of God, where the Holy Spirit dwell in it. God has given me this body, which also means that 1 day He will ask me, "what have you done with the body that I gave you?", well, I want by the time I can tell Him " Father, you know what, I eat healthy food, I exercise, I use this body to glorify your name", rather than regretting and say " I m sorry God, because of my temptation to eat ROAST PORK, and I ended up becoming sluggish, not able to do anything for you". See what I mean, It makes a BIG difference.

And when I say PORK, I dun simply say any meat that I want, God actually make a list of food that is recommended and not recommended, which you can find in LEVETICUS 11 : 1-47. I can remember th…

Let go, Let God

I cant stop blogging.. cos u know what? God keeps on blessing me and I just cant not write it down and remember it for my whole life. lol

and the blessing iss..... again He reminds me about His purpose in my life
I always wake up around 4am in the morning, cos I need to go to toilet *oops*, drink too
then everytime after toilet, i will check my phone for any msgs

This morning, as usual when i woke up, i received an email from Tina (one of the youth leader), she sent an email with subject "learn to let go". I was intrique to read (although the email was super long).

So it said this:
one day there is one old man who is about to hop on to the bus, when he just stepped on the bus, one of his shoes dropped off and fell to the road. then the door closed, and the bus started to depart, so he couldnt get his shoe. the old man did not feel anxious, but what he then did was putting off his other shoe and threw it from the window.
a young man who was in the bus saw it and aske…

An instant answer from God

Do you guys believe that our God is an awesome God? I do. Guess what, I experienced Him once again last night.
I was so sad, extremely sad cos I quarreled with him again, I just feel like why is it so hard to talk to him as a friend? as a brother in Christ? everytime I talked to him after we broke up, we always ended up with fights. I am so tired of it, till I told him that I want him to stop contacting me, including calls, email or sms. I just wanna forget about him (I even convince myself that he has died in order for me to stop wanting to get back to him).
so.. yesterday night, again, I cried alone in my room. My heart ached so much that I screamed for help to God. Deep in my heart I can feel that God is sad for me too. Then suddenly I felt the urge of reading people's testimony about Christ. I just searched through google and type "testimony Christ". I clicked on the first website that came out on the list. I read through the titles and subtitles ( I searched from my…

Calming my heart

I want to thank God because He reminds me about the woman in proverbs 31.

30 minutes ago, I was so in distress. I am struggling on applying for permanent residency as I am going to graduate soon, so I search through the websites. there are so many things that I do not understand. I started to panicked and I dunno what to do. Then at the same time, "he" called me. I told him that I was under stress, then he shared a little bit about the sermon he listened to this morning. We just talked for 5 minutes and he said that he has to do his stuff. At that time, I was still stressing and need talk to someone, so I asked him to talk to me, but he wouldnt. I feel so angry, this time I just asked him as a friend, not expecting something, but he refused me while he could do other stuff during his spare time and not talking to me. I just feel that I am not being respected even as a friend. He has changed , he used to be able to talk to me whenever I need him, but now everything is differe…

no more cry

I promise that today will be d last day I cry for him,  will be the last time I cry for our past, it's too painful and I dont want this scar remains in my heart.

I just want to be free.. free from sadness, tears, stress, disappointment, anger.. I want to live my life like before. I want to be happy and live for God. I want to focus on my study and God.

I havent been able to study well for the past 1 month, whenever I study, I feel so lonely and I ended up chatting with friends and in d end, my studies were not done.

I have to change. yes, I have to. I dun wanna cry for this anymore
Sheila, be strong, cos God cares for you

why I need to be thankful

yes, like what the title says : Why I need to be thankful, I guess this is what I need to think more often in my life.  A while ago, I chatted with my friend, asking him what I need to do because I feel that I am caught in the past. I cant move on, I cant let go of my past. It keeps on haunting me, my heart keeps on asking me to wish that I could go back to the time where I can be with him again, where I can create more sweet memories together. At the same time, I know that God is telling me that I need to let go, I cant live like this, I cant dwell on the past. Well, as the result, I felt very frustrated, not knowing if I can get out of this circle.

He told me to pray. I said "but I have", and he said "more and more, everytime when you think about him, ask God to help you, pray". Again, I told him that I have prayed till I have run out of words. He asked me " do you know how to pray in tongue? " and yes, I know, but, I cant always do that. I tried, but i…

A woman after His heart

Sally, my dear sister in Christ, who has helped me a lot during my Christian life and gave me very helpful advice too, tagged me in her note and i just feel that I want to share this with you all. Putting this into my blog also allows me to reflect back to it when 1 day I am astray or not sure about what to do.
It's a bit long, but worth reading. Here it is :

Dear my amazing ladies,

A friend of mine sent me a beautiful article about being a wonderful woman in His eyes. I thought I somewhat wrote a note about this before, but I just realised that it has vanished... :( I feel that some of you might have known all about this but hey, we can never stop learning about anything. In fact, God's words are never ending, let's just read this with all our humble hearts. I am personally blessed with this.

As you all know, every generation has its righteous women and its rotten women. Every generation has its wonderful wives and its worthless wives. Every generation has its ma…

Life's been tough

yea.. like what the title says "life's been tough", that is what I am experiencing at the moment.
Again, God reminds me through dream that I need to share about my experience with Him to my family so that they can be saved. This is serious because Satan can easily disturb my family and He has been doing that to my family and my neighbours in Medan indeed. Out of 20+ households, 10 households have at least 1 family member died from cancer in the past 10 years. I believe that it is not by coincidence but it is indeed the Satan who walks into their lives and seizes them.
I have started to pray a lot for my family cos I dont want the same thing happen to my family whereby I lost someone that I love so much in this world from the terrible disease.
At the same time, me myself has been facing a real problem, idleness in study. I admit I have not got any motivation to study and this is my last semester, I need to graduate with more than satisfactory results. However, what I see …

A reminder from God

it is just amazing to see how God works in my life. Again, God has made it so clearly whenever He wants to show to me that it is from Him. Remember I told earlier that God told me to approach my family and share with them about my experience? I have to admit that I havent done that. This is merely because my family has been so conservative that I do not know how to initiate and talk to them like friends or talk heart to heart. Moreover, I can imagine that it must be so AWKWARD to say 'i love you' or hug them. I know that I should improve on this, it's just that I dunno how to start. the first step is always hard. I prayed for it before, asking God about what I should do. But really what I am doing is I really focus more on my friends, cell group people rather than my own family (which is bad, I know).

So.. again, yesterday's night cell group topic is about family. When Rosemary was sharing it to the group, I did not feel anything, I did not feel that God is talking to …