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Life after moving city

After I moved from Melbourne, many adversities have had happened. Exactly 2 weeks after I moved, one morning I received a phone call from my existing housemate telling me that the new housemate who lived in my room has caused some problems. A guy came into the house early in the morning and had a huge fight with her and a few of her friends that she brought home to stay over. After that, I just heard one complain after another and have had so many griefs just trying to get her vacate my house, unfortunately there was nothing I can do to vacate her but just to wait till the lease ends and thankfully she has left my house now yet there are so many damage that she caused. I thought she is a good Christian girl but she was totally far from that. Also, another tenant decide not to move in so the rent I receive was a lot less than what I thought I would get.

Additionally, i had appendicitis 3 weeks after i started my job. I couldnt get any sick leave because I have to work 3 mths before I c…