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Facing persecution

Yesterday was a hard day for meReason behind is I had to face insult from my fellow workerthis worker keeps on triggering anger in me and I have to restraint my anger so many times
she would say something like:
So your sister is also a Christian?
And i say : yes
She : you are so bad.  How can you do that? ( she was saying this as if im forcing my sister to believe in the same faith)
me : i didnt force her (up to this point my steam was already at the top of my head and i almost exploded. I had to look away and did sth else for not getting angry)
She : you must have been brain washed
Me : i wouldnt call that brain washed.She did apoligize for using harsh words. but she was saying it half heartedly and laughing so it really pissed me offI tried to avoid her for the whole day cos the words just pierced my heart.But the Holy Spirit kept on reminding me to love my neighbour and i was really in agony... like literally, my flesh was asking me to do one thing and my heart was telling me the o…

The "Eve" me

This year in BSF we are studying Genesis. I have never thought that the basis of everything can be found in Genesis. Genesis has been like a story book for me and doesnt really carry deep meaning other than telling us that we are all Adam's descendants and thus we are sinners. However.. only 3 chapters of study, my eyes are opened to the things that I never see and think before.
today.. God finally brought me to a realisation that I am like Eve in so many ways. The devil uses me like how he used Eve. And the silly thing is I fall into His trap even though Eve's example should have been a warning for me.
There are 2 main steps that the Satan tempted Eve.First, he caused Eve to think that God has kept something good away from her.
Eve was allowed to eat from any fruit from the trees in Eden but not the tree of evil and life. The devil makes her think that God is bad bcos He doesnt want Eve to eat from that tree. he obviously stir the focus of Eve from all the blessings that sh…

another birthday posts

I know i have posted how blessed i am this birthday but i think i forgot the most important thing of allThat is the friendship and family i haveI am not born to be a sociable person. In fact it has been my struggle since i came to melbourne. one of the main reasons was language problem which i tried my best by talking in english and improve my indo language. i dont have many friends to begin with... i only have 4 best friends back in school... but this year God really answers my prayer. He bless me so much in this area.
Firstly it is my church friends
1.prayer warriors
tonight, i had 3 of my best mates organised a birthday dinner with me. They brought me to this korean restaurant called Gami. They bought me a customised cake, orange colour!! Haha.. and they bought me a blender (since i just moved house)..we had great night. We talk about anything. this moment is irreplaceable. This moment is unforgetable. This moment is bliss. Thank u girlssssss...
Of cos im also blessed by the rest…

Getting rid of "the weeds"

Have you ever thought why God allow bad things happen in your life? Or maybe you maybe wondering, you have done all you can to follow His command, yet you find yourself caught in bad situations or worse, God let you fall even if He has the power to change it. Why would He do that?So today I was doing some cleaning of my yard. As you may have known,i have just moved to my newly mortgaged house. I dont have a big garden, its only about 3x4 m garden. im neither a typical nature lover nor flowers lover, thats why since i moved, my garden has been left as it is. I have moved for about 1.5 weeks now and guess what, weeds was growing along with flowers ( the seeds were sown by the builder).  After work, i couldnt stand it anymore, so i ended up pulling out all the weeds. As i was pulling iT, an inspiration comes into my mind and this is why im sharing it now. we are like the garden. we were born as sinners. ROMANS 3:23 says that for all have fallen short of glory of God. In us, there are &qu…

24th Birthday

Words cannot express how blessed I am up to this day
Things have changed...
Last year ..
i didnt have a mortgage
I didnt have my own room
I was not a bible study group leader
I was not a cell group leader
I didnt have a car
I was not this fatHaha.. still there are many others that was not there last year
I am trully humbled by God's amazing plan in my life
He trully gives me the desire of my heart beyond my expectation
He trully gives what I needed and beyond
He sustains me through this ups and downs
Yes.. i am very blessed indeedIt is a little bit weird to hear people wishing me happy birthday, bcos im so used to wishing that to others, yet I am very thankful to my friends who actually remember my birthday (without looking at facebook calendar of cos) haha.. Yes.. another blessing.. that is to have many many true friends. Not just bcos they remember my birthday but also bcos they were there when I needed them, to share my sadness and happinessI pray that in this birthday of mine.…