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Truthfully, honestly, really, this event is a breakthrough in my life. okay, now, what is KERATON? I guess I dont  have to formally introduce to you all what this is, cos you can browse the internet and find out about the true meaning of KERATON. For me personally, KERATON is a celebration for our church anniversary, where we have drama, dance and other performances to illustrate our Indonesian culture. So.. why would I say that this is a breakthrough?

1. We aim for 700 people to come to this event
2. Our first time to celebrate an event outside our church building
3. The first time we have a REAL stage
Isnt that awesome?

What am I involve in?
for the very first time, I am in charge of the fundraising. I do not know how I got to this position. All I know is that, they need someone to help them on raising money.
Also, for the very first time, I am elected as an apprentice (assistant PR). Again, when I first agreed to take this position, I have no idea what the job d…

Struggling to be joyful

Here's an update on what has been happening in my life. Honestly, it has been tough. A lot of things have happened, good and bad things , well, that's life. This time I would like to share about I am experiencing in my workplac
I have been working in this company since Dec 2009. My boss has been so good to me, but starting from early this year, he seems to have changed so much. I do not blame him for his changed attitude. The business just does not run smoothly, he has cash flow problems up to a point where he could not pay our salary for almost a month. I understand that he has so much pressure on him at the moment, but I just could not swallow everything especially at the words that he uses to scold people. He gets angry every now and then, even at the tiniest mistake that I have done. A lot of times, I was scolded for the things that was not even done by me. Even his wife was scolded in front of the co-workers very often. Honestly, everytime when he scolds me, I want to qui…