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Looking back at 2018

The year is about to end and i just want to recap all the good things the Lord has brought into my life this year . Earlier this year i got married to the man whom i have been praying for. He is far from perfect , in fact our relationship is far from perfect but i am grateful that God answered my prayers for a life partner who continuously seek His will and a man who works hard and loves his family.Our multiple weddings went smoothly
We had our honeymoon in March then in April we had 2 weddings in one week after another , one in Medan and one in China. Im grateful for my family members who love me so much and prepared all this for me as well as my new acquired family members who treated me like their own.  This year i have also led a group in BSF, it was a struggle in the beginning of the year with many members dropping out , but thankful that God brought new members and we were able to bond very well.  In August, we bought a new car and again i just want to thank God for his provisio…