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Favor of God

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. If you see me as a brave, strong and independent girl, then you are wrong. I appear to be a brave, strong, independent and smart girl, but deep down inside me, I am a very negative person (sadly T.T). I wasnt brought up in a family where every good things that I did was recognized. When I got good marks, or top ranks in my class, my parents never praise me but consider it as a natural thing for me because I am smart. I am always being compared to my siblings because I am the cleverest among all (which is bad, because I give pressure to them, but what can I do? they are typical Asian parents. lol). To cut it short, I never receive any word of encouragement. As a result, I always seek approval and attention from people around me just to receive praises and compliments from them. This has made me become a person who always compare myself to others. I never like myself, or even worse proud of myself. I always see others better than me, I've g…