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Angels of the Lord

Its so amazing!! Today i met the "angels" of the Lord. Not literally angels but thru them i was rescued. I left my keys today in my car and my sister already drove it to the station but i had my car keys and garage keys with me. In my mind i thought i have my gate key and house key. So careless! ! I was doing my homiletics before going out of the house and because of that i was in hurry,  i didnt have much time left to catch the next train. Lol. So i went out from my house, locked the door from inside and then i have to go thru my gate. Then i took out my key from my pocket gladly only in realization that i didnt have my gate key with me. Oh ow.! It was freezing cold this morning and i was trap in my own garden. How silly that was! Haha i felt so embarassed to even think about it.Then when i was very worried,the builder of my house who was in his car and about to go called out my name and asked me how i am. I told him straight away that I am locked.. U see, he didnt usually …

BSF Homiletics

Sigh... Yesterday night i was so into writing my blog that i actually typed it all out in my dark room cos im already ready to sleep haha but guess what, i accidentally deleted everthing.... T.T but anyway, i wont lose to the technology.haha So.. What prompt me to write this blog? Bcos.. . I have been blessed so much by this method of bible study. When i was reading my past entries of my blog, i realise that i have used a lot of references from the books i read, which is not bad, because those are still references from God..however the bad is that those revelations are for the authors and not so much to me. I used to depend on those books. My spiritual life could be dry when i wasnt reading as much.
This year,  i am officially BSF group leader which means I have my own group and I have to do the Homiletics and everyday study questions. Imagine u have to cram all this into your busy week.. Sometimes i barely made it... I have to rush thru everything which is bad bcos the bible study wo…

Lesson learnt from Abram and God's promises in my life

Last saturday, after meeting Sally and I reached home, I felt so sad. Earlier she didnt attend BSF leaders meeting because she has a guest from Perth. That itself feels so different. . I am so used to Seeing Sally every Saturday morning and we will usually catch up about the week, But now, i could feel the difference later that day, I had dinner with Sally and her boyfriend and fanny which then I Found out that she wont be going to church on Sunday because she will be accompanying her boyfriend visiting Another church. Then that Was the moment I felt So sad, realising that exactly 20 days after  today, this is what going to happen, I will no longer see Sally at BSF,church or during prayer. I was just So sad, my best friend in Melbourne , Who has been through so much with me is leaving. I never like farewell anyway and especially this time is my Very bestie's turn.
 I started to feel overwhelmed the more I think about it . The more I think about it , the more I'm lost and felt…