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only God can satisfy our soul (one month journal)

ournalling my daily walk with God on my phone since the first day I broke up and would like to share some here, hope it might encourage some of you in any difficult situations you are in right now:

30 August 2015 - the day before I broke up , when my emotion was in turmoil
Today church sermon is about managing your emotion

Colosians 3 :13 says let peace of God rule your heart

The sermon also says identify your emotion then challenge it

Dont let your emotion control you

The song really strengthens me too


PertolonganMu begitu ajaib
Kau t'lah memikat hatiku
Disaat aku tak sanggup lagi
Disitu tanganMu bekerja
PertolonganMu begitu ajaib
Kini mataku tertuju padaMu
Kurasakan kasihMu Tuhan

31 Aug 2015 - I will strengthen you and help you
Today again from salt and light (devotion at work), the message i receive is
Isa 41:8-10
... for i have chosen you
And will not throw you away
Dont be afraid , for i am with you
Dont be discouraged for i am your God
I will strengthen and help yo…