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Favored (promotion and prophecy)

I think i have shared so many times about promotion at work. All i can say is I am trully favored by God especially in career wise. Today i finally receive permanent position at workplace. Praise God!As you remember this was my journey since started working at royal childrens.
Specimen reception - started with 1 year then got extension for 3 months  twice. Then promoted to
Medical scientist - started with 1 year contract which is due end of March by the way and it was supposedly to be extended yearly as well.All this while i never worry about my work even i know my contract is up soon but i just go with whats in front of me and just give my best . I know there are so many others in my workplace who keep on worrying about their positions but i know my confidence and future is in the Lord. A few days ago, my manager actually came to me and mentioned that he wanted to ask for my extension before i go holiday. He wanted to put me to permanent but the system didnt allow him to do that. He …

More of God and less of me -2015

Before i enter 2015 ,i have been asking myself and God. What am i lacking of ? What do i want to change in me in this new year ? What does God want in me? How can i improve myself to be more like Him?  It has always been on my foremind until today i finally received a revelation from God that is : more of Him and less of meLooking back to mid 2013 to end of 2014 i realise my main concern in my life has been all about me : my visa, my house, my job, etc. And i realise the more i look to fulfill my own needs the more i am not satisfied and contented. The more i feel i am lacking here and there and it is never ending. Up till yesterday when i went for running and spent some quiet time with God , God told me i need to strip off myself and focus on Him and His kingdom . He reminded me again whom He called blessed : Matius 5:3-11 NIV“Blessed are the poor in spirit,    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  
  Blessed are those who mourn,    for they will be comforted.    
Blessed are the m…