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A story in another country

Hello from Amsterdam! Yes I am currently in Amsterdam and going back home another 4 days. Time flies!  This trip has been quite draining for a few reasons; nevertheless a story to tell and a trip to remember.We were supposed to go from Munich to Frankfurt 2 days ago (1st April) and it didnt happen. Let me rewind ..In the morning we ended our Eastern Europe tour and went to the train station , taking 12.52 train to go to Frankfurt. However, apparently there was an accident at Bayer and all trains were not operating. There were so many people queueing to change their tickets and to get money back. I started to be panicked because we have booked accomodation in Frankfurt and our next destination is from Frankfurt to Koln which we have booked train tickets and accomodation as well. It was so challenging because all the announcement was in German and we couldnt understand a thing. The station was so crowded and chaotic. Nevertheless we came into conclusion that we will get the refund bcos …