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Moving city

The most hectic time of my life i would say was August 2016. I had never been so stress and so under pressure. I trully experience being stretched and walking by faith. But on top of that God hands are all over the place.
So from the beginning of the relationship we already planned that by end of 2016 im going to move to Sydney if it is God's will. It wasnt an unfamiliar situation for me because before meeting him ive heard God telling me to move several times but i just didnt know where and why. We chose end of the year because I need to commit to BSF and i had to be bridesmaid for a friend on Oct. During the performance review around May , my manager told me that the best time to apply job is around mid year and not wait till end of year because people dont normally hire during that time. I didnt really give much thought about it because i thought it was too early and my plan was to apply around end of August and September.
Then around end of June my colleague kinda told me th…