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a little bit update from Sydney

It has been a hectic week for me. Mom came on 22nd and attended my graduation on 23rd, dad and bro came on 24th. all of us went to Sydney from 28th till 1st January. Since their coming to Melbourne, my life has been "disturbed". lol. I used to wake up very early and pray and spend time with God, but I can no longer do that because my mom wakes up even earlier than me. lol. most of the time I was too tired because we have been walking around for the whole day and I couldnt make enough effort to wake up earlier than my mom.

As a result, I kinda go away from God. When I pray, my prayer sounds shallow and I no longer have long prayer time. I also do not have enough time to read the Bible. Not that I dont have time but I need total silence in order to have my devotional time. While it's kinda hard for me to have that when my parents are around. However, God is always good, He didnot condemn me but He reminds me through my experiences. one of them was, He showed me His kindness…