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Hello 2014

Happy New Year to you all ! Happy New Year Jesus ! I thought I would post a random post on this new year just so i have one entry for this new year  LOLAm I excited for 2014? I havent thought much about it but after pondering it for a while, yes I am. Why? Because the best is yet to come. 2013 was not my best year certainly and I am still contemplating what can I obtain from that year apart from all the new roles that I got. I am excited as to what God has for me in this year just as He has promised that He had come so that we all may have life in abundance. What about u?One thing I want to learn this year : to be able to say "Jehovahnissi" Glory to Him
Orange Girl :)

Angels of the Lord (another testimony)

When i looked thru my past posts, i saw "angels of the Lprd" and i remembered how i was rescued when i was locked at home. Lol. This is another testimony that Gpd's hands are always on me and His angels encamp around meIm throwing back the life experience when i was in Tassie last weekend. I went with my fam for 4 days trip and we rent a car. Me and my dad we took turn driving. It was my first time driving in countryside and driving speed was all above 70km/hr.
Soo.. we were otw back from bruny island, this is the first day if i was not mistaken. Dad was quite tired because we had early flight and has been driving since we arrived so i was in charge of driving back the car to the ferry station. I was actually quite tired and sleepy as well but was stubborn so i forced myself. I kept having bad feeling that sth might happen. ( as a man think, so he is - very true ).i went into the wrong intersection and realised , so i was planning to reverse the car and drove back since…

I wont give up

It is easy to give upThat is why Paul encouraged us toRomans 12:11 NIVNever be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.For Everyday of my life for the past few months, i have been screaming inwardly to give up on my oikos. Literally.  Every single day. There were days when i felt a little bit stronger thats when i decide to give more time but  there were days when i just felt that i cant be bothered. Keep on thinking, why? Why should i strive so hard? Isnt oikos meant to be a place where i can feel happy like in a family? But why am i not feeling that way? I keep on searching for reasons to stay and press on but day after day the reasons to give up slowly outwins the reason to keep going. There was time that i even put on a wallpaper on my tablet and phone that says KEEP GOING. Honestly only God's words sustain me during this down time. And not forget to mention the support from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ around me. If i follow my selfish desir…

Insecurity issues

Today i had a random meet up with a friend on the train when i was going to work. To me it was random but in reality it was divine intervention.She told me about the book that shes reading. Simple message but striking.Sometimes we pray, people around continue to support us by saying that we should press on and keep waiting on God to grant our wish. Most of the times we pray for sth that we dont have. We continue to wait and wonder when the time will come, when it will happen or when we will get the things we pray for. But rarely we consider our heart's attitude. what is the real motive behind our prayer? Why do we pray that prayer? What drives us to wait?Is it that we see what others have and wanting what they have? Do we continue to live in misery as we wait for God to give us what we want? Do we seek His hands more than His face? Those questions really point to the center of our hearts  and sometimes it is bitter to admit the truth.  I realise a lot of times my prayers have wron…