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Decision making process as a Christian

Yesterday night, we had a combined lifegroup night where all young adults gathered and listened to Pastor sharing about the area of relationship. While the whole content is so good, i would like to share a particular section that helped me during this season of my life. Decision making framework.
I am in the season where there are so many things to decide, for eg. should i move out from the current place we stay? When should we have kids? should i invest in this ? etc and many more in the coming months
Hence this is the list:
1. Supremacy of scriptures : the word from God that direct this decision
2. spirit of the seeker : what is the motive behind this decision? do we come to God with the right motive and open heart?
3. Patience in prayer : will we persevere and wait in prayers?
4. Council of mature Christians : what do other godly Christian think about this decision?
5. Comfirmation of circumstances
6. Discipline of decision making
7. Presence of peace
8. signs of spirit

I like how …