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love does not keep the records of wrongdoings

Have you ever experienced a time when you look at a Christian and his/her life and thought : how can she/he do that even though she/he is a Christian? 
she is a worship leader, how can she cheated on her boyfriend?
He is a cell group leader, how could he plays around with people's heart?

Honestly, those are the questions that have ever crossed my mind, well, not just ever, but frequently.. And I start to wonder, God, how can you let this happen? I mean should not a leader be a good leader? You know what I mean. A lot of times I was sad seeing how they can be so hypocrite. However, God has taught me so many things through this. finally I have learnt that it is not up to me to judge my fellow brothers and sisters.

The first thing that God teaches me was to look at myself
When I ask : How can she/ he cheat on someone without feeling guilty?
God asks me : and what about you? How can you do this.. and that.. when you yourself is a prayer warrior , singer, usher, and most importantly.. m…