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Your life is precious for God

I really love the lyrics of this song . It is an indonesian song called : Hidupmu berharga bagi Allah meaning Your life is precious to God.Tis is the original lyrics
Your life is precious to God
Nothing is not too shameful for Him
He created you according to His image
You are very dear to Him
He gave His love for us
He sacrifice everything
He was crucified for our sins
Because your life is preciousHe will not break a flappy pipe (not sure about this translation haha)
He will make it beautiful and more precious
He will not put o…

Merry Christmas at Operation Stitches

Let me share with you what happened to me today. If you dont know what Operation Stitches is please do go to and find out about them and please do support them because they are awesome. I am not heavily involved with them but i normally volunteer there along with my church during christmas time. And today they held christmas party. Here are some photos that I would like to share (taken from facebook, visit their facebook :

Honestly today's volunteering was a bit unexpected for me because i normally went with my church members but none of them can make it today and i felt abit lazy to go by myself but somehow i tell myself i have to stop being lazy and giving excuses (trust me out of 10 times i failed 9 times).
Yesterday i found out that i need to wear christmas top and hat which i havent got any.
Chris (the founder of stitches) said she got one but then i felt bad if i have to trouble her so i thought since i finish…

He is for you and not against you

If you notice the amount of entries i posted this year, i can conclude that this year is the least. The reason is simple, i  just have been far from God. I know he is near to me but i withdraw myself. I started to read His words lesser and lesser, i hardly prayed, hardly talk about Him and soon enough He is not a priority of my life anymore. I would admit that most of the times my ministries become a show. I still all of them but my heart was long gone. I guess some part of my heart still want to fix the problem of backsliding that i have, some just cant let others see that i have changed and not as close to God anymore, some just habit, whatever the reason is, it is just not right anymore.
It is embarassing to admit it. The turning point is that when i realise the joy i have with the Lord is gone and i want it back. Nowadays i never satisfied with anything. And i realise i have been loving in worldly ways and that causes it. That is when i know i need to return to the Lord. If you r…

I want to be honest

All this while I think I have been wearing a mask everyday of my life, or at least when dealing with other people and today i want to take off that mask and show others my true colour.Reason behind me wearing a mask is because first, i want to avoid conflict. I dislike it if i have to be uncomfortable with other people so id rather be peaceful and avoid conflict..this means when someone says something that i disagree with, most of the time i will just go ahead, agree with them ( though initially i would disagree but when the atmosphere gets weird i will just agree ). Or maybe smtimes i just keep quiet and thought "oh well let them be if thats what they wanna think", which is also not right bcos im being arrogant and ignorant. Secondly, i think i care too much of what others think abt me. I dont want others to think how can a Christian behave such and such or i dont want others to see the dark side of me. Thirdly , i just want to run away. I want people to think im okay bcos …

Drink from the cup and temple of God

Today I learnt 2 truths in the bible
The meaning of "drink from my cup"  Matthew 20:22 "you dont know what you are asking." Jesus said to them. "Can you drink from the cup i am going to drink?"
What exactly is the cup? In this event, it was the mother of Zebedee's sons who came to Jesus to ask that her sons (James and John) may sit at Jesus' right and left in His kingdom. And then Jesus answered her with that verse.
Psalm 75:7-8  But it is God who judges: He brings one down , he exalts another. In the hand of the Lord is a cup full of foaming wine mixed with spices;he pours it out, and all the wicked of the earth drink it down to its very dregs.
Isaiah 51:17  Awake, awake! Rise up, o Jerusalem, you who have drunk from the hand of the Lord the cup of his wrath; you who have drained to its dregs that goblet that makes men stagger. 
From these 2 references , it is very obvious that first : Jesus drinks the cup - that is from God's hand Whats in the cup : Go…

What does it mean to seek the Lord?

I found this article very helpful because as Christians,we always pray that we may seek Him more or we may pray that We can see His face. But does God really hhave an image like human? What is Go's face like? Or if God is omnipresence, why would we seek Him? So this article really gives good explanation about questions around seeking God
What Does It Mean to Seek the Lord?Meditation on Psalm 105:4 August 19, 2009by John PiperScripture: Psalms 105:4 Seeking the Lord means seeking his presence. “Presence” is a common translation of the Hebrew word “face.” Literally, we are to seek his “face.” But this is the Hebraic way of having access to God. To be before his face is to be in his presence.But aren’t his children always in his presence? Yes and no. Yes in two senses: First, in the sense that God is omnipresent and therefore always near everything and everyone. He holds everything in being. His power is ever-present in sustaining and governing all things.And second, yes, he is always p…

Look up at the heavens

Normally i like to pray as i walk to work from my car park. Not all the times but the times when i remember to. Usually i will pray the "usual prayers" like for work, ministry, family and a few other friends that come in my mind. But 2 days ago, as i was walking , i was prompted to do something different. Instead of asking this and that, i was actually communicating with God and marvel at Him. As i was talking to Him, i started to look around. I saw trees, leaves, and birds. All the sudden my mind clicks and i have never felt this peaceful before. Let me tell you why.
I started to look at His creation and started to think God , you are so creative. You created every single birds differently, even the plants, we can never find an identical plant. Sometimes i marvel at human's creation of tall buildings, the new technology and all other things but to think about it, even human is Your creation. If human your creation can create something so spectacular, what about You? I can…

An answered prayer : sister came to BSF

Trully God listens to every single prayer of ours. Human often forgets but God never forgets. He is perfect and trustworthy. 
I can remember when exactly it was, but i remembered there was a time i prayed that my sister will be interested in coming to bible study fellowship, the one i am attending. 
I prayed that prayer but honestly it wasnt a persistent one and how i wish i was earnestly praying for it. But anyway... I prayed and i asked her to come but she told me bluntly she wasnt interested. So then i no longer pray for that but just secretly pray that her relationship with God will grow deeper each day.
So... To my surprise last week she asked me when BSF starts again, i wasnt expecting her to say that she wants to join but she did. I even had to ask a friend of mine who is quite close to her whether it was because she invited her. But my friend didnt invited her. Later i found out that it was trully from her own desire to study the bible. Hooorayyyy...
Here we go... When i prayed th…

The hidden treasure

Last week at BSF we learnt 4 parables that describe the kingdom of heaven. If someone asks you what kingdom of heaven is, how would you describe it?I wouldnt go into details on the 4 parables but just on the parable of hidden treasure and the pearl (matt 13 : 44- 46) because I learn a truth that i never knew beforeMatthew 13:44-46 NIV“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.     “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.I used to think that the hidden treasure is Jesus Christ, which is not wrong but actually theres more to it.
The word of God is trully the double edged sword. Psalm 135:4 NIVFor the Lord has chosen Jacob to be his own, Israel to be his treasured possession.Clearly from this verse we can see that WE are God's treasured. The m…

In awe of God - another promotion

I dont know how i should start to describe my admiration at God's goodness in my life. Guess what, i have got another promotion at work. WohooIt was amazing because I never asked for it nor expected it or even imagine about it. The offer just came out of the blue.About 2 weeks ago my best friend's niece was very sick and she had to be hospitalised in the hospital i am working. I went to visit her during my breaks and after work for a few times. She was so young, only over 1 year old yet shes got a disease that has no cure. She may recover as she grows older but no one knows whats gonna happen. I feel so terrible and i almost cried. Even me whos an outsider feels this sad, what about her parents? I feel even worse about the fact that i couldnt do anything to help her. Suddenly i felt so regretful that i didnt study medicine or nursing. Anyway... its too late , that was what i was thinking.
All i can do was praying for herThe next day, my manager suddenly came up to me and asked…

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I found this article as i read thru the brief sharing from Elevation church android app. I really like it so i thought i wanna share it here. ;)

Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowOriginal post by Elevation media team.
There’s a lot of different strategies that the enemy uses to get us off track in our walk with God. But I think one of the enemy’s greatest tactics is a sequence I call, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.Here’s how it works. The enemy gets you to think about your past, present, and future in these three ways:
Yesterday – Remember when.
Today – Live for now.
Tomorrow – Do it later.The enemy wants to keep us stuck in yesterday. And so the way the he talks to us is by saying, “remember when.” In other words, the enemy comes to you and tries to get you stuck in yesterday’s memories. Dependent on yesterday’s successes. Reminded of yesterday’s failures.Or the enemy will get you stuck in today. He’ll tell you: “live for now.” It’s all about present pleasure and satisfaction. Like Esau…

Noah and the Flood

Last friday I shared about Noah and the flood. It is not something new to me but just remembered about this story again when i read the bible which then i was encouraged to prepare a sharing.
Actually the funny thing is it was not my turn to share but someone else. For some reasons i was compelled to just write up what i learn about Noah and the Flood while deep down in my heart i can sense that im going to share it in oikos. Again i believe this is a reminder from the Holy Spirit becosssss the person whos supposed to share totally forgot about it , plus not feeling too well too.  So there you go, i end up sharing the materials that i prepare.Okay without extending the introduction any further, lets dive down in the Word.
The focus is from Genesis 6 to 9.
I encourage you to revisit these chapters before reading the remaining sharing cos that way you will understand it better.It starts with a question: how does all this starts? The focus has been shifted in our current society someho…

Just wanna share what i do on my free time

I got a little bit of free time these days and i think to myself, what can i do? Well one of the things that i did was designing wallpaper with bible verses using mobile app that i can find from Android playstore.
So im sharing it here ;)