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Look up at the heavens

Normally i like to pray as i walk to work from my car park. Not all the times but the times when i remember to. Usually i will pray the "usual prayers" like for work, ministry, family and a few other friends that come in my mind. But 2 days ago, as i was walking , i was prompted to do something different. Instead of asking this and that, i was actually communicating with God and marvel at Him. As i was talking to Him, i started to look around. I saw trees, leaves, and birds. All the sudden my mind clicks and i have never felt this peaceful before. Let me tell you why.
I started to look at His creation and started to think God , you are so creative. You created every single birds differently, even the plants, we can never find an identical plant. Sometimes i marvel at human's creation of tall buildings, the new technology and all other things but to think about it, even human is Your creation. If human your creation can create something so spectacular, what about You? I can…

An answered prayer : sister came to BSF

Trully God listens to every single prayer of ours. Human often forgets but God never forgets. He is perfect and trustworthy. 
I can remember when exactly it was, but i remembered there was a time i prayed that my sister will be interested in coming to bible study fellowship, the one i am attending. 
I prayed that prayer but honestly it wasnt a persistent one and how i wish i was earnestly praying for it. But anyway... I prayed and i asked her to come but she told me bluntly she wasnt interested. So then i no longer pray for that but just secretly pray that her relationship with God will grow deeper each day.
So... To my surprise last week she asked me when BSF starts again, i wasnt expecting her to say that she wants to join but she did. I even had to ask a friend of mine who is quite close to her whether it was because she invited her. But my friend didnt invited her. Later i found out that it was trully from her own desire to study the bible. Hooorayyyy...
Here we go... When i prayed th…