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God's protection on my journey and miscellaneous

Hi guys.. Im typing this while im at LCCT, KL airport. Haha. Actually i didnt plan to write up a blog so quickly but im just afraid that i will forget the details by the time when i feel like writing.

So.. Today.. A lot of things have happened. My flight was scheduled to fly at 10.30 am and i was already queuing to check in at 8.15. Guess what, till 10.00 i was still in the line due to system difficulties. I was so tired cos i had to stand for that long hours and had to carry my luggage ( stupid enuf to not take one of the available trolleys). Haha. Then when it was my turn, my hand carry was overweight by 3 kgs. I was asked to take out those 3 kgs. At that time i couldnt think of anytg else that i can do except i had to throw all my jeans ( they are really heavy, i've worn them for more than a year so would nt consider twice to not throw it away. Haha) . But luckily there was one lady who was in front of me when i was queuing earlier who came up to me to offer the help of carryi…

I trust in money

I  would like to quickly share this video with you because this message hits me a lot! like seriously a lot! haha.

So here's the synopsis ( you all should watch it):
Craig ( the preacher ) was sharing about what practical atheist it. Basically it is someone who trust in God but act as if God doesnt exist. Interesting?? So many people believe in God but they trust in their money. How many of you will say no to money gives happiness? how many of you will say yes to a little bit more money will be great?? there's a story about a young wealthy man in the bible who came to Jesus to ask about how he can be righteous with God. Then Jesus answered Him : go and sell all your possession and give it to the poor. Then come and follow me. this is what the man responses : he was sad and went away, because he has great wealth. Now, when I read this verse, in my heart I will say to God : God, I will not do that to you cos I do not have gre…

2011. Recap of what has happened. 2012. new year resolutions

Time flies... it is now the 4th day of 2012. Can u believe it?  I am still overwhelmed.
2011 for me seems to be super fast.  So many things have happened. I wouldnt say that it is the best year of my life, in fact, there has been a lot of pain that I experienced in 2011. However, I can now say that even though it may seems to be painful but I believe that everything happens for my own good cos I have a good God =)

So here is the recap of what has had happened in 2011 ( major ones that I remember):
January - February : I had holiday in Medan, did not do much, just hang out with friends and family.
February : coming back to Melbourne, get back to work, a not so happy incident happened (where I was blocked by someone I used to love so much)
March - May : struggle so very very much to let go of the past, the relationship, the feeling, the anger, the disappointment, the love, it's very draining (actually for the whole 2011 I am struggling with the same problem). at the same time, I was…