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God's unending provision

It's been a while since i last posted what has been happening in my life and how I have journeyed with Jesus. So many things to share yet havent had the opportunity to sit down and write it all out. Normally i have my weekend booked out but tonight its only me and myself at home alone haha... Therefore i thought might as well use this time to do something productive (was thinking of watching new korean drama lol. That can wait).
God's provision in my life is  just super amazing. As i have shared before, I have been paying mortgage since 2013,when i first started my mortgage, my sister helped me a little bit with the mortgage. There were me , my brother and sister living in the house. Didnt thought of renting the spare room downstairs because we want to have our own space plus I dont want to just simply stay with anyone. However one day a friend who lived in Adelaide called me and asked if i know anyone who was renting out a place because she has a friend who's moving over…