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The power of prayer

About 2 years ago i prayed for salvation for this best friend of mine "E". Her family background is very similar with mine so I know how hard it is to believe in Jesus. Plus, she studied uni in our hometown so the chance of her getting to know God is very limited. I rarely contact her because of our own business and time difference between here and Indonesia. Anyway, that was a quick prayer for a few times for her and a few others.Yesterday I chatted with her again. She is now in Beijing studying languange. To my surprise, she told me that she now attends church and even cell group! Wohoooooooo!!!! praise God. Actually whenever i went back for holiday , she always went to church with me,in fact she was the one who offered to go with me. at that time i just thought that maybe she just wanted to know what church is like cos durng my holiday, she only went once or twice with me. however,i believe that once or twice has actually touched her heart.So, i would really encourage you…