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24 Feb 2018 - new chapter of life

I got married on 24th Feb 2018 to a man that i have been praying for. Until today it still feels surreal that i am married and blessed with a man like him. I still remember those years i was struggling with relationships and my confidence in myself was very low. Now to think about that, it seems like a long time ago.What have i learnt throughout this whole wedding journey?
1. I have learnt that preparing a wedding is a hard work, but preparing a marriage is so much more important.
To those girls out there who said that wedding preparation is fun, hmm... i salute you . Haha there were so many choices to be made, and there were so many things to think about. It makes me wonder, what does it take to build a godly marriage ? I believe it is through much more hardwork and prayers. Sometimes i wonder, have we missed the real marriage ? Couples spent so many hours preparing for their wedding yet so little effort in maintaining their marriage. Because of all this wedding planning i know that …