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Noah and the Flood

Last friday I shared about Noah and the flood. It is not something new to me but just remembered about this story again when i read the bible which then i was encouraged to prepare a sharing.
Actually the funny thing is it was not my turn to share but someone else. For some reasons i was compelled to just write up what i learn about Noah and the Flood while deep down in my heart i can sense that im going to share it in oikos. Again i believe this is a reminder from the Holy Spirit becosssss the person whos supposed to share totally forgot about it , plus not feeling too well too.  So there you go, i end up sharing the materials that i prepare.Okay without extending the introduction any further, lets dive down in the Word.
The focus is from Genesis 6 to 9.
I encourage you to revisit these chapters before reading the remaining sharing cos that way you will understand it better.It starts with a question: how does all this starts? The focus has been shifted in our current society someho…

Just wanna share what i do on my free time

I got a little bit of free time these days and i think to myself, what can i do? Well one of the things that i did was designing wallpaper with bible verses using mobile app that i can find from Android playstore.
So im sharing it here ;)