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Nothing can thwart the will of God

Following on my post on human nature, im going to share here about what happened just a few days ago.I was bullied again. Well at least thats what i thought. The same group of colleague who has some grudges towards me actually told my manager that i have some attitude problem. Which was very shocking bcos honestly if i was even angry at them, they will be as good as dead ( im exaggerating here) but the point is they were twisting stories after a series of things happened at work. It really got me into my nerve on that day and honestly i was so so so pissed. In one corner of my heart, God is speaking to me a few things which i really2 want to ignore up till now
1. Forgive them
2. Love them
3. Do not attack them but leave it to God
4. Ignore it, keep quiet and go back to point number 1 againI know that very clearly by heart as i was still angry but tried so hard to brush it off. At the same time trying to calm myself down and just keep quiet until one of the other colleagues asked me to…

Sigh.... Human nature

It really gets me into my nerves when i found out today that im being backstabbed from behind. Well its not literally backstab but similar. I will explain hahaSo... The employment status at my workplace isnot very good now. They are extending people's contract beCause they just dont have the fund to employ people. They are in debt. This means that about 50% of the workers will be affected. This includes me.
Everyone is panicking. This has been happening since july and slowly we can see people left one by one. Am i panicking? O hell yea initially! haha but dunno why after 2 days of hearing the news i am no longer worrying about it.  i am okay bcos i know that God has everything under control. As simple as that. Believe it or not. Worst come to worst i just have to find a new job and i know God will sustain meSo at work people have been talking about it,gossiping, telling each other about their worries up to the point that they actually neglect their work. In my mind, if they keep …

How to glorify God

By this is my father glorified, that you bear much fruit. John 15:8The glory of God is the single most important thing in the world to God. And therefore you glorifying God is the single most important thing you can do with your life.But if we were honest, most of us have little to no idea what that actually means. We talk about God’s glory in abstract ways. We talk about glorifying God in convoluted ways. And so at the end of the day, we know what everything is for –the glory of God –and what we should do –glorify Him –but we don’t know how to actually do it.Do we sing? Do we simply go around saying “for your glory” after every little thing we do and at the end of every prayer? Is it just that we know that everything is for the glory of God? If I’m a professional athlete, is it mentioning God’s name after I win a game? If I’m a designer, do I have to stitch a verse somewhere on my clothing?It can get pretty complicated and nebulous. Luckily, Jesus says it’s actually pretty simple, st…