A story in another country

Hello from Amsterdam!

Yes I am currently in Amsterdam and going back home another 4 days. Time flies!  This trip has been quite draining for a few reasons; nevertheless a story to tell and a trip to remember.

We were supposed to go from Munich to Frankfurt 2 days ago (1st April) and it didnt happen. Let me rewind ..

In the morning we ended our Eastern Europe tour and went to the train station , taking 12.52 train to go to Frankfurt. However, apparently there was an accident at Bayer and all trains were not operating. There were so many people queueing to change their tickets and to get money back. I started to be panicked because we have booked accomodation in Frankfurt and our next destination is from Frankfurt to Koln which we have booked train tickets and accomodation as well. It was so challenging because all the announcement was in German and we couldnt understand a thing. The station was so crowded and chaotic. Nevertheless we came into conclusion that we will get the refund bcos there was no guarantee that any train will depart anytime soon and we dont want to waste our time there.
I quickly went to the nearest tourist info centre and asked jf theres another way to get to Frankfurt if not by train. The assistant referred me to a travel agent and had to walk to the agency and asked for tickets. Apparently the only available bus is at night and theres no point reaching Frankfurt late at night bcos the next day we needed to board train to Koln so i asked if theres any bus straight to Koln.
Thank God there was 8pm bus but it will take 10 hrs journey. Well at least we can spend the night in the bus and save on accomodation, thats what i thought. So we booked that trip. Mind you i was the only one doing all this while the others were waiting at the train station and taking care of 14 luggages ! It was really stressful for me especially the wifi connection was on and off and we needed it to check so many things.I didnt have lunch till 3pm. After everything was booked , i brought them to one of the waiting rooms that i saw while i was roaming around the station. My family were all drained and they just wanted to sit down and rest. As for me i thought it is such a waste if i sit there while i havent really walked around Munich.
So i told them im just gonna roam around while they rested.
I went to shopping centre nearby, wanted to go back train station but suddenly the rain poured so heavily. Then after it receded i thought to myself , well i might as well check out where the bus station is so that we know exactly where it was before pulling the luggages around in this horrible weather.
Bus station was about 10 mins walk from train station and on the way back the rain suddenly poured like crazy again that i had to wait under a shelter. I waited for about 30 mins there. It was so cold and i didnt bring anything to cover myself at all.
Finally i got to go back to the train station . On the way back suddenly a song came up in my heart , it was "Still".
I sing to myself :

When the ocean rise and thunders roar, i will soar with you above the storm. Father You are King .. i will be still know You are God

At that moment i just felt so peaceful.. all the tension, the worry, and burden i was carrying, i could just feel they fell off my shoulder. It was really peace in the midst of storm.

A few moment later when reached the station, there were so many police and ambulances and some fire brigades outside the building. It was unusual. And soon when i come close to the entrance i could see the station was empty!  But seconds after that i saw dad! I was so glad! It was really God's protection and provision.
They could have gone to wait on other sides, after all the station was huge.i could have been separated with them in this situation but it didnt even take me an effort to look for them but straight away when i reached the entrance i saw dad! Apparently the whole building have been evacuated not long after i was gone. My fam were so worried that they wont be able to meet me,and they couldnt contact me too and dont know where ive gone. They were even more worried when they had to leave the waiting room to another place. Mom has circled around the station 3 x to look for me without success. But God heard Mom's prayer and i know it was God who put the song in my heart to prepare me.
Jt was trully an incredible experience and again and again i witnessed God's sovereignty and His protection over my life and my family.

All glory to God

Orange girl :)


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