God's unending provision

It's been a while since i last posted what has been happening in my life and how I have journeyed with Jesus. So many things to share yet havent had the opportunity to sit down and write it all out. Normally i have my weekend booked out but tonight its only me and myself at home alone haha... Therefore i thought might as well use this time to do something productive (was thinking of watching new korean drama lol. That can wait).

God's provision in my life is  just super amazing. As i have shared before, I have been paying mortgage since 2013,when i first started my mortgage, my sister helped me a little bit with the mortgage. There were me , my brother and sister living in the house. Didnt thought of renting the spare room downstairs because we want to have our own space plus I dont want to just simply stay with anyone. However one day a friend who lived in Adelaide called me and asked if i know anyone who was renting out a place because she has a friend who's moving over to Melbourne to study (and btw, she has the same firstname as me. How awkward is that). Anyway, i talked to this girl's boyfriend then finally she came the following week and stayed at my place. At that time it was just out of the purpose of helping her to settle in melbourne because to be honest my house is not a strategic place for a student to stay. Students would prefer to stay somewhere closer to their uni. In a nutshell,i wasnt expecting her to stay for long term. Turn out that she stayed for half a year before moving as her uni was very far from where we are. In summary , my first housemate was God's provision because i wasnt looking for one and He just provided me because He knew my need (it was pretty tough for me at that time to support everything on my own , having to pay all other bills on top of mortgage).

Then shortly after this girl left, I got another housemate. This girl is my best friend's sister, she used to live with her sister but then she has to move out because her sister got married. She was the one who asked me if i would like to rent out the room for her (again, i wasnt even looking). And obviously i said yes because shes such a nice girl and i would love to help her until she found another better place to stay. However, she stayed for long term as well until a month ago she had to move because of visa requirement. Again, this is God's provision.

When this housemate moved out, it was the same time as the time when my sister moved out too. She chose to go back for good to take care of my parents. Imagine, even when in the past i didnt have any housemate, at least i have my sister helping me to pay the mortgage, but now im losing both my sister's help and the housemate. It was quite a blow for me and it worried me a little bit. I started to think whether i should rent this house out and me and my brother move to somewhere closer to the city and rent a small apartment. However after i checked the price of renting apartment, i will suffer more loss than gain. Therefore i changed my mind and just choose to stay in my house. Did i worry? Yes of course. I think twice before i went shopping and i had to adjust my lifestyle abit because i no longer have any savings, all gone to the mortgage. Money is tight.. Have i ever been tempted to forfeit tithing at this point of time? The answer is no. I believe that tithing belongs to God and thus i shouldnt compromise in this area. In fact there were a few times where God moved my heart to give financially in different occasions and I just chose to obey (dont ask me why and how haha). And what was the result?again..another provision, and this time it is double portion. Exactly one month aftermy sister moved, my brother told me that his friend at work was looking for a place to rent and i told him all the details about the pricing and payment. One week after that she came for inspection and she loved it and straight away chose the room that used to be occupied by my sister. Guess what, 1  week after that a friend from church messaged me to ask me whether i know of anyone who's looking for a housemate cos he has a friend who's coming to melbourne to work. I told him well i need to rent out a room too. The following day, my best friend asked me on a different occasion about a friend of her whos coming to melbourne and need a place to stay and whether im renting out my room. I was like: err...dont tell me it was the same girl . And bingo! On 2 different occasions, but the same girl, so i was thinking, did God really want me to accept this girl as my housemate. After much discussion, she finally chose to stay in my place and that was 4 days before she flew to melbourne. How crazy was that! The timing was just so right. what's even more hilarious is that this girl has the same name as my sister. LOL !

 I dont know how long these 2 housemates will stay in my place, that s not the main thing. What i have learnt is that God trully provides for me continually...i could have been worried about it and go on my own way. In fact i had, i posted an ad on gumtree and a few people contacted me but it just didnt feel right. So i kinda just give up on that without much fuss and stress about it. Or i could just be stubborn and still move out with my brother and suffer loss. However, thanks to God i wasnt panicked at all or worried too much about it but just try to do my best in all the other areas God has entrusted me  and trully He proves Himself to be faithful.

Malachi 3:10
10 Bring the entire tenth to the storerooms in my temple. Then there will be plenty of food. Test me this way,” says the Lord. “Then you will see that I will throw open the windows of heaven. I will pour out so many blessings that you will not have enough room to store them.

Whatever worries you may have right now, if you believe that God is with you and He is real, then You know that You are not alone. His arms are not too short to bless you and provide for you. In fact He yearns to bless His children abundantly (but of course not according to human standard). Our part is to trust Him and be obedience out of love and reverence for Him.

All glory to God

Orange Girl =)


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