Moving city

The most hectic time of my life i would say was August 2016. I had never been so stress and so under pressure. I trully experience being stretched and walking by faith. But on top of that God hands are all over the place.

So from the beginning of the relationship we already planned that by end of 2016 im going to move to Sydney if it is God's will. It wasnt an unfamiliar situation for me because before meeting him ive heard God telling me to move several times but i just didnt know where and why. We chose end of the year because I need to commit to BSF and i had to be bridesmaid for a friend on Oct. During the performance review around May , my manager told me that the best time to apply job is around mid year and not wait till end of year because people dont normally hire during that time. I didnt really give much thought about it because i thought it was too early and my plan was to apply around end of August and September.

Then around end of June my colleague kinda told me that i probably should start applying since it will take 3 or 4 months to get a job. and I was thinking she might be right because i thought not many employers would want someone from intestate. Additionally I actually do not have many job options because I am a Food Science graduate but working as a Medical Scientist. Therefore, my job application option is very limited. 

After I updated my resume, I told my current lab head and ex manager about my plan of moving because I need them to be my referee. Also, what was the blessing was my current manager actually asked me to ask my labhead to refer me to the branch in Sydney. Though it is different institution but it is still under the same field. It didnt cross my mind at all but since he suggested, I went and ask my labhead to refer me which he did. Few days later I received email back from her saying that there was no permanent position available right now as they hardly have any staff leaving. However, there is a maternity position available till March and a possible permanent position open up in the near future. 
I was very thrilled when I received this email and really felt the door has been opened. She said she will keep me posted regarding the maternity leave position.

In the meantime, I have applied to 2 different locations and 2 weeks after my application, I got rejected by one of them but got contacted by the other one. The HR manager did phone interview on me , the funny thing is I didnt even know which was this was. I didnt think I answered the questions nicely but the next day I got called back and ask if I am interested in the interview. The job offer's salary was actually way too much below what I m getting paid right now . Regardless,I thought there was no harm of doing the interview. Around the time I was contacted by this company, I was in dilemma too because I was hoping to get reply from the labhead regarding the materity relieve position. One day as I was praying, I heard a voice in my heart saying that I will get an email. I wasnt sure but anxious at the same time because what I hear might be true. Straight after that prayer I checked my email to see if there's anything. To my disappointment I didnt receive any email. Regardless, every day when I am at work, I was hoping to get the email. Until about day 5, I finally received an email with the link for the application. I was so happyyyy!!!! I applied on the same day hoping to get reply asap because the other company will interview me the following week.

However, it didnt happen as I have wished. After a week I still didnt get reply from the labhead or any info and so I went ahead with the interview. It's funny because for other people they would want to know the result asap, but for me, I was hoping that they would drag their interview result for another week or so. Unfortunately I was called one day after the interview and offered the job with higher pay too , matching to what I am currently earning which was quite a huge gap.
I only have 24 hrs to think about it and I thought oh well since they have been very nice to me, even increase the salary and all, and the journey has been quite smooth so I decided to take up the job. 

Ever since then it has been the most hectic month in my life, starting from looking for accomodation in Sydney close to workplace ( and this is quite far from where my bf is btw), looking for a tenant to replace my room, get real estate agent to help me manage my property (it's so difficult to find one because most agent refuses to), packing, and all other planning. The most frustrated part is looking for tenant, and maybe because I am not a very patient person, I became quite negative about it. Especially when one of my tenants plan to move out. To the point that I thought maybe it's better if I just rent out the whole house but the trouble is that I have to sell my furnitures in such short amount of time. The whole process was quite stressful, not to mention my sadness of leaving Melbourne.
But just when I have decided to rent out my whole house, 2 people came to inspect my house and both of them wanted to stay. At that moment I straight away felt that my burden has been lifted off. Praise God for His wonderful and timely provision.

Another crazy thing was that 2 weeks before my moving date, I received an email from the institute where I was referred to regarding interview invitation. Straight away I was in dilemma again,i didnt reply her straight away but only after furher discussion with workmates and my boyfriend, then I decided to go ahead with the interview and see how it goes. When I was about to call the interviewer, she called me at the same time. She was even willing to do telephone conference with me since she knew that I am in Melbourne. However, the bummer is that the earliest I could do the interview is on the day I move, and I have scheduled 11am, and I exactly left Melbourne at 12.30 pm that day after interview and lunch. I told them honestly that I have taken up the offer from the other company because I thought I have been rejected for this one and if they really want me, then they should let me know the decision as soon as possible (preferrably today) so I can make appropriate changes.
By the way, I dont think I performed well on the interview either because the questions were so difficult, it was so specific and technical. I was so sure that I was going to fail. The interviewer appreciates my honesty and told me that I should consider properly as this role is only for maternity relieve and if the other promises permanent role then I should take the one that benefits me more. It was very nice of her to tell me that.

1.5 hours before I reached my new place in Sydney I received a phone call from her and the first thing she said was : "Sheila, im going to make you life harder because I am about to offer you this position." She has called my referees on tuesday morning, and even though I havent submitted all the required docs such as police check, working with children check, qualifications, etc, she said she would like to offer me the job verbally because I needed to make decision asap.

I know that whichever job I chose, God will still bless me. I have shared about my dilemma with my cell group members and they all told me that. In the end I chose this job based on how the whole thing happened. I am sure it is not coincidence and the fact that God already gave me the hint to keep an eye on her email, and it really happened accordingly, and then the offer came last minute , I just felt that maybe this one is the one I should take. On top of that, she also offered quite good deals and even said that there may be future permanent position for me. The only sad thing for me was having to call the other employer and told them I can no longer commence with them and also had to call my the place where I am about to stay at. I felt like a jerk. but oh well, this is the consequences I have to bear for my choice. Until today I still dont know if I have chosen the right one, there was no clear audible voice on which one I should go with and maybe I should spend more time with God to know His will which in this case I didnt.

Throughout this whole month, I felt I have done so much, even more than the things I do in a year. emotion has also been a rollercoaster. I got so easily annoyed, stressed, anxious to the point that I have eating problem and digestion proble. I also argued a lot with my boyfriend. Definitely the most stressful time in my life so far. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I havent depended on God at all in so many cases. Instead of feeling all that, I should first go before God and prayed and not rushed through things. I realise that all this rooted in one thing that is : faithless, and not loving God enough. When I am stress, the real me came out and it wasnt very good at all. I feel so ashamed of myself,I always encourage others to seek God first but when the same thing happened to me, I didnt let God rule my life. Sigh.. -.-

However I really thank God for His patience with me, to still bless me despite my disobedience, to still guide me even though I dont seek Him. He is trully a good good father.

All glory to God
Orange Girl =)


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