Life after moving city

After I moved from Melbourne, many adversities have had happened. Exactly 2 weeks after I moved, one morning I received a phone call from my existing housemate telling me that the new housemate who lived in my room has caused some problems. A guy came into the house early in the morning and had a huge fight with her and a few of her friends that she brought home to stay over. After that, I just heard one complain after another and have had so many griefs just trying to get her vacate my house, unfortunately there was nothing I can do to vacate her but just to wait till the lease ends and thankfully she has left my house now yet there are so many damage that she caused. I thought she is a good Christian girl but she was totally far from that. Also, another tenant decide not to move in so the rent I receive was a lot less than what I thought I would get.

Additionally, i had appendicitis 3 weeks after i started my job. I couldnt get any sick leave because I have to work 3 mths before I can claim sick leave, and due to my surgery, I was unable to attend work for over a week. It didnt just cost me financially but also emotionally. I would not share it in details here but bottom line is I am very grateful everyday that I have good health and would not want to go through that again.

On top of that I had a big drama with my housemate here as well. She was so pedantic and had to pick on every single thing. I was only there for 3 mths and cannot handle it anymore so i went to look for another place. She was obviously unhappy that I choose to leave, so she accused me for not cleaning the property and didnt want to return my bond. I had to go through VCAT and put a complaint about her. Not only she didnt feel remorse, she accused me for even more things. It was so crazy, and everytime I thought about it, i felt so unfair and just couldnt understand why she has to treat me that way.

Now i have moved to a better place, even though i still have a little bit of problem with my current contract with this place but at least I have good relationship with my current housemate and her daughter.

Well, i guess thats enough of bad news that happened, of course there are many things that I can thank God for as well.
I am able to attend BSF here , and im so grateful because I felt so lonely when I first moved here but glad that I could make some friends here and continue to learn God's words in depth

I also receive quite huge pay rise in an unexpected way. In Melb I was paid 4th year scientist award but when I moved here, because my experience only showed that Ive got less than 3 years experience as scientist, they decide to move me to 3rd year instead. it was ok but somehow i felt that it wasnt fair. However, one day because I wanted to know when it will roll over ( the date when I will move to 4th year), i emailed the payroll and they requested that i provide statement of service from my previous employer. I provided that and was able to be moved to 5th year because it showed that I have worked there for more than 4 years. Praise God! I found out in January but i have started work since end of September, so I got back pay as well. It was very meaningful to me because I have had suffered so much loss since I move to sydney and in a way I felt God has given me back what I have lost. Isnt our God so good?

I have also found home church here . The church is full of people whom we can relate to each other and feel like a family. The teaching is biblical and the leaders are very humble. I am glad that God has given me this place where I can grow and serve Him. and yes, I have signed up to a new ministry, guess what it is! haha. it was stage manager, well not managing people, but managing stage, such as carrying the pulpit and table haha. But i know God wants me to humble myself by doing the work that no one ses or appreciate, it was good. I felt far from Him and definitely not as passionate anymore and I need God's rebuke and reminder that He is in control and He cares for me even when I dont.

And last but not least, I was able to go back to Indonesia for holiday and visit my family. it was a good trip, my boyfriend went with me and met with my extended family. I am glad that everyone welcomes him and he was able to get to know me more by visiting my hometown.

The past half year was very challenging but I thank God that I lack nothing, at times i will think to myself , how can I pay for all this and still have savings , well the answer is only by God's grace and mercy, I definitely dont deserve it. I was ungrateful, constantly worrying and anxious and forgot to seek Him, yet I would like to share this because looking back, I can confidently say that God is still faithful.

All glory to our mighty God

Orange girl


  1. I found your blog while searching for how to do BSF homiletics. Thanks so much for posting. I completed my first lesson and was so blessed and challenged. I jumped to your last blog to see how you were. May God bless you in Sidney!! Thanks for sharing. Cheryl

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Glad the homiletics sharing was helpful =) enjoy your journey as a leader


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