24 Feb 2018 - new chapter of life

I got married on 24th Feb 2018 to a man that i have been praying for. Until today it still feels surreal that i am married and blessed with a man like him. I still remember those years i was struggling with relationships and my confidence in myself was very low. Now to think about that, it seems like a long time ago.

What have i learnt throughout this whole wedding journey?
1. I have learnt that preparing a wedding is a hard work, but preparing a marriage is so much more important.
To those girls out there who said that wedding preparation is fun, hmm... i salute you . Haha there were so many choices to be made, and there were so many things to think about. It makes me wonder, what does it take to build a godly marriage ? I believe it is through much more hardwork and prayers. Sometimes i wonder, have we missed the real marriage ? Couples spent so many hours preparing for their wedding yet so little effort in maintaining their marriage. Because of all this wedding planning i know that i want to work even harder for my marriage  , with God's help and grace. Of course it is easier said than done. Even right now i find it hard to even have a time to sit down and write my thoughts.
Wedding is one of the most beautiful thing that can happen in a man's life and sometimes we get caught up in small details including myself. I was worried about choosing the right colour, dress, centrepieces, bonbonnieres , etc and honestly i dont even notice about all these things when i attended a wedding while still single. Those details are not that important. At the end of the day only the couple will remember, no one else does or cares.
If i can rewind my wedding day i would do things differently. I will choose to spend more time with my guests and my family rather than worrying about filling up my day with activities and yes not to forget to take gazilion photos cos that day cannot be revived.
2. Wedding is expensive.
The moment when i did budgeting and research on how much it costs for each supplier, i almost asked my husband to elope instead. I didnt know that a bouquet costs over $200. I didnt know that a full day photographer costs $5000. And i was shocked to know that the food per person over $100. It was a lot of money and it really costs my arm and leg. Hahaha... but i am very grateful to God for my family. From young they thought me to save up and so from the day my parents release me to go study abroad, i have been saving. I wouldnt say that i am really good at this cos i still shop a lot but i would say that at least i have self control and will never have a debt or not able to pay off my credit cards. It was trully God's grace that we were able to have a beautiful wedding and pay ourselves and even going to honeymoon. Although i must admit in the end my husband's family did give us a lot of fund which covers most of our expenses. Regardless  , it is always good to save and always have the mentality that you will need the money some day so save up!
3. I have gained extra family members
Yes. When i marry, i dont just marry the man but also marry the whole family. I have gained another mother and a sister. Many people said that living with in laws is difficult. Yes it can be if we only think about ourselves. But if you see the bigger picture , you have gained extra family members that love you and care for you and the ones who you can do your life with. At the moment i am staying with my in laws, in the beginning i was hesitant if it is going to work but the moment i have to call my mother in law as mum, i realise that she is not an outsider, she is now my mum and that changes the whole perspective about living together and doing life. I am still learning about this and i dont always get it right . All i hope is that i will walk in obedience with God in this area.
4. I have a lifetime companion!
Yesss... yay...! Thats the perks of having a husband. It is for lifetime .im not sure how many years God is giving us but i know that since God has given me this gift , i will cherish him every single day of my life. He is trully a man that i have been praying for. Godly, family oriented, driven, and always support me and loves me so much. Marriage is good and God created it to reflect a perfect relationship that He intended for human and Him. It was sin that tainted this perfect purpose. 2 cords arent easier to be broken. God gave us one another for His greater purpose and for our good but along the way that purpose has been twisted and hence we see many broken marriages. Well... right now we are still  newlyweds so i cant say much about this. All i can and will do is pray for unity and God centered marriage.

Thats it from me for now, hope to share more often :)

Glory to God

Orange girl


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