Truthfully, honestly, really, this event is a breakthrough in my life. okay, now, what is KERATON? I guess I dont  have to formally introduce to you all what this is, cos you can browse the internet and find out about the true meaning of KERATON. For me personally, KERATON is a celebration for our church anniversary, where we have drama, dance and other performances to illustrate our Indonesian culture. So.. why would I say that this is a breakthrough?

1. We aim for 700 people to come to this event
2. Our first time to celebrate an event outside our church building
3. The first time we have a REAL stage
Isnt that awesome?

What am I involve in?
for the very first time, I am in charge of the fundraising. I do not know how I got to this position. All I know is that, they need someone to help them on raising money.
Also, for the very first time, I am elected as an apprentice (assistant PR). Again, when I first agreed to take this position, I have no idea what the job descriptions are, I just know that I want to do something.

What have I learnt?
A LOT!!! It's beyond words can tell. For the first time in my life, as I sit down in front of my laptop writing this, I felt so bored because I am so not used to being at home, LOL. yes, for the past 2 months, I am so used to being a busy bodied person. My sister could even say this to my brother : I will either see Sheila sleep in, or she's not at home. Even though I am super busy, super tired, but somehow I enjoy it very much. Even though I sacrifice a lot of my own time, I found joy in what I am doing.
I have learnt about the skill in fundraising, hohoho... proud to say, I have become a professional sales girl, lol. at first, I dont really like this position, who would like it when all you need to do is going around asking people to pre-order food? and that  happened straight after church??? while all the other people enjoying their fellowship, I started to pull out a piece of paper from my bag and starting to ask people if they want to buy food? It was hard but I experience joy, if you ask me to explain it, I really dont know how to start. LOL
I have also learnt about how hard it is to plan an event. Yes, the event may only be 2 hours, but do you know what's behind it? There are so many things that need planning, not just thing, but it's also about managing people, and you could imagine how hard it is. I really admire our project manager. He's such a dedicated guy. He'd take care of every single thing that needed to be done and he never complains of being tired, and you can easily see how he's willing to do all these. I also admire all the other core teams, they've worked really hard as well. Only by seeing them, I am trully blessed and influenced by them. From someone who doesn have the heart for this event until becoming someone who really invests a lot of my time into this event.
Further, because I spent a lot of my time with them, I am now very close with them, we are like a family now =)
I forgot to mention that I also involve in DANCE!! wohooo.. I had a great dance team, we spent a lot of fun practicing times together, really, I enjoyed every single moments of the preparation. have I become a professional dancer? OF COSSSSSs...... NO, hahahahahah.. I wish.
I have also realised from this event as well is that my primary love language is acts of service. I express my love to others by my service and that's also why I enjoy volunteering in this event and that's also why I find it so easy for me to admire someone who volunteer in this type of service too, hahahhaha..
There are so many more things that I learnt from this event, of cos, this event has made me closer in becoming more like Jesus.  without Him, this event will not happen.

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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