Life's calling

There maybe so many things that I can continue from last post, but I would like to halt that and continue with today's topic. Life's calling.

If you ever wonder why I suddenly want to discuss about this topic, hmm.. the reason is ... that is what I have been thinking about for the past 1 year (if I remember correctly).
I have always thought, how nice it is if I can know my life calling is, so I do not have to wonder around doing something that is none of my business.
Life's calling is the same as the purpose of your life. For example, a microphone is created to amplify sound. If the microphone does not produce any sound, it does not function properly. Thus, the microphone becomes useless. Same as human, we are all created for a purpose. Some people they know their purpose right at the very beginning stage of their life. I have a friend whose talent was shown in music when she was 3. Right away,her parents have been guiding her to pursue further study in music. I always envy those people because for me, I have been wondering around too much.

Let me tell you my story. When I was in my foundation, I wanted to study architecture because I am good at drawing. However, slowly I discovered that I was not creative enough to be an architect. Then I decided that maybe I should go for engineering because I love science. Then, for 1 semester, I was stucked in the course for bach of Electrical engineering. That was also not what I've wanted because I just hate all the projects. In the end, I think about it again, hm.. maybe I should try food science since I love food and it has got the word 'science'(what a lame excuse). In the end, I was graduated with the title Bachelor of Science (Food Science), but actually that's not what Im enjoying as well. Actually I know that I love health science, but I know that since I am studying at Melb University, I need to study in uni for at least 5 years to get a decent job from science degree. Studying in Melbourne is very pricey and I do not want to become a burden for my family, especially I still have another 2 siblings who need to study too. So, after looking at the course structure, I decided to take food science because that course allows me to get a job straight after 3 yrs course. If you ask me, so, do you enjoy your work? I would say yes, but if you ask me, do you love your work? definitely without even have to think about it, my answer will be a no. haha.

that was a little bit of my background. Can you see how messy it is? To think about it again, I 've come so far, but to think from another point of view, what have I been doing? zzz.... im like the microphone but all it does was to be used as a hammer, as a decoration, you name it. haha.. I feel that my life has been empty, I cant live like this throughout my life, I need to find why I am here on this earth. Thank God, I have Him. God says in Matthew 7:7 Ask and you shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you. So I do not go around asking people what I should do, well, sometimes I did that, haha.. but yea... I keep on praying to God to reveal to me, what His will in my life for me is, what He wants me to do. trust me, there is no direct answer from God. Dont ever dream that one day God will say this : Sheila, be a doctor. No, He wouldnot say such a direct command to u, but He will lead to the place where He wants you to be. Now, maybe for some extreme cases He might do that where He will answer a prayer so directly. However, in most cases, He will be so subtle that you might even think whether He's going to answer your prayer or not. But trust me, He listens to your queries and He's working behind you without you knowing it.

Look at me, I come all the way from going around the circle to the point where now I can tell you confidently about my life's calling. Deng deng deng... what is it?
1. to reach out people around me. I really have a heart to serve, like so badly. I guess that's my primary love language.
2. To help those who are poor and sick
3. to fundraise money to give to the poor and sick.

Okay, the first one, how do I come to that conclusion? God has put the desire in my heart. Everytime when I see those who are alone,quiet and shy, I will always approach them.Actually, I just realise that it started when I was in primary 5 where there was a girl in my class who was so quiet and shy. I decided that I want to befriend with her and till now, you know, she is still my very best friend, and guess what, she's even more talkactive than me. XD I feel joy everytime after I made someone happy. This happens most when I was in the hospital volunteering.
The second one, well, obviously it is related to the reason of the first one, I guess you can make the conclusion yourself. hehe.
The third one, actually this is what a pastor has prophecised on me and from all the fundraising experiences that I've done, somehow I feel that I am actually enjoying it and there's God's favor in it.

For all of you out there, if you are still wondering what your life's calling is, dont stop praying, it may take one month, one year, few years, dont give up, it's worth finding. Because then you know there's actually a purpose why you are on earth.

I want to share with you as well how do you know if it's God's calling for you?
1. Favor of God
2. Joy
3. Spirituality growth

Favor of God
Now, in whatever things that you do, you will know it if that is what God wants you to do when you can somehow see the miracle in it. Let me give you an example. I know that God wants me to help the sick from His favor when I was helping them. I can tell you that everytime I volunteered, something good always happen. Like last week, when I was talking to a kid in the hospital, his grandma told me that I am a good girl. Well, it may sound simple for you, but at that moment, I could feel as if the Holy Spirit was talking to me. I almost burst out my tears. T.T
you can also see how God favor falls upon my fundraising ministry too from my previous sharing.

I have to make this straight, God's calling for you does not mean that it's going to be easy. You feel joy not because it's easy, but joy comes from God. Most of the times, God's calling for you is difficult ( not that i want to shock you, hahha). That is because if it is easy, we wont depend on God. We wont fall on our knees to pray to God. How do we feel joy? For me, I feel joy because I can see that I am not doing it alone. A lot of times I wanted to give up, I cried to God and ask Him, why is it so hard Lord? Why cant I see any result from all the sacrifice that I've done? However, His help is always on time, and He always gives me peace, reminding me again that He is with me and nothing is impossible. Even until now,somehow I am still blur about what I need to do next, do i worry? of cos I do, but everytime when I started to feel worry, He always has His way to reassure me that everything is going to be fine. Like the example that I gave earlier about a grandma telling me that I am a good girl, that was when I feel down, I feel that the road ahead is going to be very rough. Devil is going to tempt me continuously because he doesnt like my closeness with God, but I can feel that thru the grandma, God is telling me: daughter, you are a nice girl, I know it is difficult, well done. (Omg... feel like crying)

Spiritual growth
If you are doing your life's calling, you can monitor if it is trully your life's calling from your spiritual growth. ask yourself: Does this bring me closer to God? Does this bless myself and other people?
It is very easy for us to be caught up in the midst of our busy schedules that we forgot to ask God again if this is really what God wants me to do. Have I been spending time lately with God thru this ministry? Have I been more dependant on God thru all the ups and downs that I face from this ?

However, I want to remind all of you, please dont quit on something hastily. you may not see all those 3 criteria but that doesnot mean that it is not your life calling.What I can suggest is keep on praying, keep on asking the sign from God. you will slowly know the answer from God. The above 3 criteria are just some guidance for you from me, not from God. For some people it maybe different. Again, only God can answer all your doubts, worries, problems and requests.

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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