Sigh.... Human nature

It really gets me into my nerves when i found out today that im being backstabbed from behind. Well its not literally backstab but similar. I will explain haha

So... The employment status at my workplace isnot very good now. They are extending people's contract beCause they just dont have the fund to employ people. They are in debt. This means that about 50% of the workers will be affected. This includes me.
Everyone is panicking. This has been happening since july and slowly we can see people left one by one.

Am i panicking? O hell yea initially! haha but dunno why after 2 days of hearing the news i am no longer worrying about it.  i am okay bcos i know that God has everything under control. As simple as that. Believe it or not. Worst come to worst i just have to find a new job and i know God will sustain me

So at work people have been talking about it,gossiping, telling each other about their worries up to the point that they actually neglect their work. In my mind, if they keep doing that, they will soon or later lose their job not bcos of the redundancy but bcos of their slacking. Well.. I just keep quiet. Whats the point of arguing or telling them when they dont ask any of my opinion right?

This morning i found out from my colleague that when i was not in that room, they have been talking abt me. They thought there must be sth going on between me and my manager which they dont know about. It could be that im faking my contract ( #-&/-&(#+#/%-#(((+";(?(@;@ !!!! Why do i even bother to do that??? They could see clearly that i only got 3 months extension) or maybe my manager promised me a secure position for me. Well...nothing of that happens to me, i wish thats the case but honestly my position is just as dangerous as theirs. The different is that i work hard though i didnt get pay rise and i might lose my job in 2 months time. Why would i think so far ahead plus i could speculate so many things which might not happen at all? Rather, dont u think its better that im praising God every single day that i still have a job and work hard just like im working for the Lord?

I was thinking maybe by me being quiet and calm, that could draw their attention and then they could ask me how i could be this calm so i will have the chance to tell them about God. In reality, they actually felt jealous about me and mock me. Sigh.. Human is always like that. Always things complicated and make things up.
Well im not perfect. There are times that i feel like im on their shoes too... So i guess i cant judge.but i just hope that they wont be this negative bcos honestly thinking this way doesnt help their situation and it will just make them bcome more miserable thinking that my manager likes me much more than them which is not true.

God.. Help me to be patient when dealing with them
Open their eyes and ears God that they may see they are blessed and protected by you
Bless me that i may bless them



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