Promotion just like Joseph

Do you know what Joseph's story is like? If not, go and read Gen 39 to 45 haha. I will summarise it for you though

Joseph was born as the favorite child of Jacob because he was Rachel's son and Rachel is Jacob's favorite wife. Joseph was spoiled since he was young, he was given a very nice and exclusive robe by his father which his brothers didnt get. From there, his brothers started to get jealous of him.
The peak was when he told them about the dreams that he got, that he was going to be the leader of the family and his brothers will bow down to him. Of course whoever heard it will be unhappy to know that, moreover this is his brothers who were jealous of him. So his brothers plot to kill him. But thanks to Reuben and Judah, he was spared and instead he was sold to Egyptian as slave. Not a very nice ending but he was alive.

He was sold into Potiphar's household. GOD was always with him in whatever he did so he prospered, and Potiphar saw that. So he put Joseph in charge of everything in the household and the bible says up to the point that the only thing he needed to worry was food. Joseph seems to be in condition but theres only this temptation that keeps haunting him. Potiphar's wife continuously trying to seduce him. It was in one of the commentaries that she seduced him for 11 years. Crazy right? And also for that length of time as well Joseph keeps refusing. I really admire him. Resisting temptation itself is already hard and this is even worse for the length of time as such.

Things got worse up to the point that Joseph flee. Because she couldnt get what she wanted, she made story that Joseph tried to molest her. As a result of this, Joseph was put into prison. Bare in mind at that time a slave who did such mistake is worthy of death sentence but obviously God has protected him. Not only that, he also got promotion in prison. He was assigned as the manager of the prisons by the chief of the prison. He was to tend to all the prisoners.

After 2 years in prisons, he met the chief baker and cup bearer of Pharaoh. He saw that they were sad so he went to ask what happened. He soon found out that they have had dreams ( which were very similar ) and they are sure it has significant meaning but they couldnt get anyone to interpret it. Joseph, who maybe realise at that time that he got dream interpreter skill from God offered to interpret their dream. He asked that the cup bearer may go to Pharaoh and tell him about his situation hoping that he will be released. Unfortunately, the cupbearer remembers nothing as he was released.

Until one day Pharaoh himself had 2 very similar dreams and he couldnt find anyone who can interpret them which the cupbearer suddenly remembered of Joseph  . He was called into the palace and interpreted the dream. He was also promoted to be the head of Egypt, overruling everyone under Pharaoh.

long story of Joseph huh? U must be wondering what it is actually that I wanted to share haha. Im already tired of typing. lol  but yea I have to share this because all glory for Him.

Basically what has been happening to me for the past few months is pretty much very similar to that of Joseph. Not to that level but similar theme  haha. If you notice from my previous stories, I shared about my struggle at work, the persecutions, blames, backstabbings, mostly about whats happening at work that has been so draining but actually in the middle of this dry season I actually experience promotion.
firstly my contract is extended! Yayyyy.. yippy horray haha.  Actually not so exaggerating, I kinda pressure God and tell Him that I will go back for good for a year if my contract ends here. Looks like God hasnt called me back home yet  XD it  actually is God's grace because so many people in my workplace lost their job. This includes those who have been working for quite some time there. I wasnt worry at all though, not that I am bragging but it is true. Sometimes I even wonder how come I wasnt worry for a bit. How come every body is panicking about it and I wasnt complaining about it for a least bit? Then there was a verse that reminded me again

God will give PERFECT PEACE for those who put their trust IN HIM.

That is exactly what I was doing. I really put my trust in God and He really gave His perfect peace to me . I guess that was my greatest blessing during this period of desert.

Secondly, suddenly the company announced 3% increased salary for everyone. That includes me. Actually everyone wonders, how could they put salary increase during this time but my hypothesis is that the government determines the minimum salary of each category so they dont have any choice but to follow the regulation. God is good isnt He?

Now this 3rd point is really amazing. So, last sunday after I heard a sermon regarding praying unceasingly just like the widow in the bible who kept begging the judge to look on her case and at that time women didnt have a voice in anything at all. It was quite interesting that the judge granted her wishes solely because she was annoying and it really hits me that Jesus gave that example to ask us to pray and ask from him. Dont you think so? But anyway, so I started to pray this way. I said to God: Lord, I want promotion. I want salary increase (more). Haha. I keep repeated that a few times as I shower in the morning. Actually I did feel a little bit bad because I sound so greedy. So I add a little more holy prayer , I said :Lord please let me have a clean motive. Hahahhahahaha not sure if thats is so clean or not. Anyway, so I went to work, still feel a little bit unsure about my prayer and not sure if I should do anything about it. But I kept feeling uneasy.

In the afternoon I finally made up my mind that I will email my manager. Just give it a shot. Nothing to lose. Then I explain to my manager how I have worked there for over a year and have gained significant experiences. I asked him what is the criteria to be eligible to go to a higher level. Also I told him the reason I ask is because I want to see career advancement. Notice I didnt say to him at all about salary stuff. Later that afternoon when everyone is gone, he asked me to go to his office and told me that he has talked to someone in HR and now I am in higher level. My pay will also be adjusted from next monday. He also told me to keep quiet about it. He actually reminded me a few times hahahahaha. So crazy. At that moment I just cant help but keep smiling all the way home ,so happy mainly because of the way my prayer is answered. I just feel God is too good and I deserve nothing yet He continuously showers His favor upon me. I guess this is some encouragement and comfort in the middle of working in a challenging environment. Just like how it is when Joseph was sold to Egypt and in prison.

Actually there is another side story that I wanna tell too.. so on the morning before I was told that my contract will be extended, I prayed to God : God, please let my manager talked to me about my contract . Dont let me be the one who go to him and pester him. The reason is because one of my workmates whose contract is also ending soon keeps asking me about my contract . He was so worried and keep asking me and wanting to know whether my contract is going to be extended or not because my contract ends first and his next. I was a little bit annoyed but at the same time because of his worried, I started to wonder whether I should find out about my situation. However I also didnt want to pester my manager because I know he is already busy enough doing all other things and everybody else is already nagging him. Therefore I prayed that prayer. Guess what, that afternoon after I prayed that prayer, God really answered my prayer. My manager actually approached us and told about the contract even without me asking him. Amazing isnt it??

Really praise God that though my work condition didnt change, He actually blesses me so much while im in it. I can be at peace while facing the storm and I really hope I can impart the same spirit to the other colleagues as well. Sadly I am still struggling to be patient to others and sometimes I just feel like I cant be bothered about what others are doing. But I know that is wrong. Just like thru Joseph's suffering,he could provide for his fam in times of famine, I also hope that I can also be blessing to others as well as I walk through this journey.

All glory to God

Orange girl :)


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