Europe Visa : everything happens for the good

I have been stressing about my trip to Europe this year since November last year. Several reasons include my passport expiring in July and i need to have at least 3 months before it expires when i am in Europe. At the same time I checked Indonesian Embassy that the earliest i can apply extension is 6 months before expiry which is in January. To complicate things further, visa application may take up to 10 weeks which if i apply in February im afraid that i wont have enough time to get my passport back before i fly to Indonesia.
And... another major thing is i can either apply my Schegen visa from Dutch embassy or Germany embassy depending on my itinerary. But if i go with Germany, my other family members in Indonesia have to fly to another city for the application. However if I apply from Dutch embassy i need to go to Sydney to apply. This all really gave me headache from November 2014. I have tried to find so many alternatives and finally this is what happened

I called Indonesian embassy and asked them if i can apply new passport earlier and the officer told me i can as long as i wrote a letter stating my reason, which i did ! So i applied passport late December and got in within 1 week. Really praise God for that.
Then after lengthy discussion with other family members i decided to sacrifice myself and go to Sydney on my own to apply the visa. Actually my main reason of not wanting to go to sydney is because it is extra $$$$. I had to take a day off work, flight ticket, on top of that dont know what to do in Sydney just by myself and i actually did spent a lot in sydney especially the public transport is super expensive. To make things worse i had to retake passport photo cos the one i took in Melb wasnt according to their requirement. (Even thou i have emphasize it to the store where i had my photo done that i needed it with Dutch requirments) so i actually paid double for the pictures. Anyway bottom line is i really spent so much not just in terms of finance but also hard work to get this done.

Finally within 1.5 weeks i got my passport back with my visa approved which was super quick! Whats shocking is that my family members visa have been refused by Dutch embassy in my city. Which was another frustrating thing for me,but dont know why i have very great faith that its gonna be alright. Later i know it was actually Holy Spirit who gave me this assurance. My auntie was panicking, mom was even thinking of changing itinerary and other options. The reason why it was rejected cos they wanted voucher hotel proof from my travel agent. Meanwhile the travel agent cant provide because there might still be changes closer to travel dates. Even the agent manager told me that normally all the documents that they give are sufficient for visa application. I finally asked them to give
me some confirmation which maybe i can forward to the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia. To cut story short, my auntie  asked me to send scanned page of my approved visa and the letter which i got from the tour agent. Guess what... it was approved straight away. How unbelieavable is that? Initially before applying in Sydney I was thinking of going back Indo earlier and just applied it there together with the other family and if that was the case , all of our applications will be rejected altogether. However since i got mine approved by Dutch embassy in Sydney, the embassy in Indo would have no reason to reject because basically we all travelled together and had the same documents.
It was so amazing how God allowed things to happen in my life even thou i might have to sacrifice a few things and saw it as unfair . However, He knew that if this didnt happen then we had to suffer bigger loss.

This is just one example of the reason why certain incident has to happen in our life and i am blessed that i could see the reason not long after. However there are times where we dont receive explanations ;be it the disease that one may get, losing a job or even unable to obtain a job for extended period,or losing loved ones. Those things are not caused by God , in fact most of the times it was caused by ourselves  but God graciously helps us and turns them into something good.

If you are still asking "why" in some circumstances in your life, today i hope that you may stop asking, rather thank God because you can be assured that He is for you and not against you.

Glory to God
Orange girl


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