Valentine's 2015

Ohhh... how i wish i could share with you about my love story  on this Valentine's day.. haha if thats what you are looking for then.. too bad .. this post isnt about that.

Today wasnt a good day for me. Since the morning ive been quite embarassed. Why? Firstly i dropped my speaker phone dust protected underneath Swarovski's store display stand. The store assistant actually had to lay down on the floor, take out all the boxes in the drawer and took it out. I felt so bad and then 10 minutes after that, the strap of my heels broke, so i had to drag one of my legs and walk to the nearest shoes store to buy a pair of new heels!
What a day huh!
Thats not the whole story yet

So today i was planning to go somewhere after my dinner at best friend's house. On my way to this friend's house i didnt notice the protruding nature strip and my car hit the nature strip quite badly that the rim came out. At that time i didnt know my tire was affected too. However i could feel that something is wrong with the wheel cos when i drove the steer was vibrating a little.
The whole dinner i was thinking about it and quite annoyed too cos i was already planning to go somewhere else and if this has to happen to my car then most likely i cant go.
And Bingo!
The tire went flat 2 minutes after we drove from friends house. Somehow i feel God is really amazing, the tire should have been flat from the time i hit the nature strip cos it was actually 10 mins drive from incident area to friends house. But we could reach the house safely. So then our car stopped in front of some other people's house and we were lost too cos i didnt use the gps
I called roadside assistance and expect to get help within an hour. So we (sis and bro) chatted inside the car while waiting. 35mins has passed and no sign of roadside assistance coming..

Suddenly 2 guys came out from the house where our car stopped. I had no idea  how they know we were outside but they just came to us and asked what happened and next is they helped us change the tire! Can u imagine? I m just so amazed at how God can just use anyone anywhere anytime to help His children..i believe this is not coincidence but divine appointment. God is real.

I know why this flat tire has to happen bcos it was my stubborness to wanting to go somewhere else . You see.. sometimes God allows bad things to happen to you to protect you from worse things. And He never leaves you alone, He will help you with the things that you cant control in this case changing tire.

And we almost got into accident too cos suddenly a car came out of intersection and driving on opposite side where i drove. If the driver didnt quickly change side my car would have been hit.

I thank God that this is another way of showing His love for us .. thru His protection in so many ways and i mean who am i that He cares for me? And He helped me even bfore i asked?
Today is definitely an unforgetable valentine's day for me and i love you Jesus!

Glory to God
Orange girl ^^


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